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This J is for Jewels craft from Make Monthly is perfect for making something that will bling and stand out. If you have a dinosaur fan at home, they will love this printable for tracing the letter J with a Jaxartosaurus from First School.
This Matching Jar Lids activity  from The Kavanaugh Report is perfect for fine motor and matching skills as well as enforcing the sound of the letter J. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. This Letter G worksheet from Kidzone helps your children not only trace the letter but also sound out the words with the images that start with the letter G.
Cut out some fun paper eyeglasses, attach them to bamboo sticks and do a fun photo session with different goofy ones on. Make some Green Goo Gak from Imagination Soup for an awesome sensory activity that helps you teach the letter G at the same time. Looking for a fun and easy way to get some stepping stones for your garden without spending a lot of money?

These diy stepping stones use a variety of different leaves, I love the color of the leaves in contrast to the concrete. I know that Mother’s day is upcoming as well and I cannot be more thankful for the beautiful woman who is my mom. For older elementary kids, you can have them record their hypothesis and observations in a science notebook and talk about how the reaction produces carbon dioxide bubbles that push the beans up as they escape into the air outside the jar. The beans will sink when you put them in the jar, then rise; some will fall and others will bounce.
With this fun Jello Sensory Bin from A Mom with a Lesson Plan your kids can make a mess and learn about the letter J all in one! If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Make these adorable gumball machines with fingerprints, paint and paper plates from The Littlest Scholars. Well check out these diy stepping stone ideas, they are relatively easy to make and customizable. The tutorial is on a swedish site, so you may need to install the google translator in order to read it.

I think I would try to preserve the leaves on the concrete somehow or maybe paint in the indentations.
You can ask them to guess what bean is going to bounce the most, explain why they think it will bounce, and then see what actually happens. I had fund putting this week’s letter activities, crafts and book list together as there are so many fun ideas for teaching the letter J out there!
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GPS, Geocaching…both start with the letter G and you could look for the Letter G on signs on the way to your destination as well as look for items that start with the letter when you get there!
You can use any kind of beans, but using a mix allows your children to guess and see which beans rise most quickly.
In any case, if you are creating a lesson plan for your child for the letter G, here are some awesome ideas to get you started!

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