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Check out Scotts Website for more information on their products and tips for sustainable gardening.
Residents are invited to learn how to manage their lawns and landscaping at the next Florida-Friendly 101 gardening conference at the Hillsborough County Extension Office on April 25. Hillsborough County Extension Service offers the educational resources of the University of Florida to Hillsborough County residents. The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is always a hit every spring as gardeners from around the world are amazed by the floral displays. Volunteers greet interested folks who want to learn ways to cut down on waste and save water and energy using the methods and products on display in the demonstrations. We had the most questions from homeowners in central Florida looking for alternatives the St.
Rainbird staffs a booth demonstrating the proper way to set up and use efficient irrigation systems with timers, nozzles, drip emitters and rain shutoff devices. Purslane - Portulaca oleracea are a favorite warm season tender perennial that are very popular throughout Florida. Pazazz is the first purslane that has flowers that stay open all day long and even open on cloudy days! These patented hybrids were developed by a plant breeder in Israel for their extremely dry climate.
If you are considering replacing large areas of turf that you are unable to water with the current water restrictions you may also want to add other colorful drought tolerant turf replacements that add a contrasting color to your design like Purple Queen. Purple Queen adapts to hot sunny areas and requires little more than rainfall to keep it looking good as a turf substitute. A perfect combination SPILLER that is carefree and drought tolerant that blloms in Springtime. Sedum Florida Friendly Gold makes a great topper for container plants like citrus, roses, hibiscus or potted palms that will be thriving in direct sunlight.

A landscape is a good investment, yielding a greater than $1 return in home value for every $1 invested in the landscape. The Gardening Calendar gives Florida gardeners a monthly guide for what to plant and do in their gardens and includes links to useful gardening Web sites, all based on University of Florida research and expertise. Three different editions of the calendar provide specific tips for each of Florida’s climate zones--North, Central, and South. Here are a few links to stimulate your thinking about saving water and converting to more efficient irrigation systems. Drip irrigation for individual plants is effective but you have to design it properly and calibrate run times and duration so you are not wasting water while using an efficient system. More Results Related to central florida gardening %7C growing vegetables, fruits and Growing apple trees and other fruit trees in the UK climateThe different climate zones of the UK and the implications for growing apple trees and other fruit trees.Where in the World are You? Programs include 4-H and youth development, agriculture, natural resources education, and the Master Gardener volunteer program. Throughout the years the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association members and Florida Master Gardeners have volunteered at demonstrations set up for Flower Festival visitors.
Green residence featured turf alternatives like Beach Sunflower and many plants that require low amounts of water to thrive in Florida. There is still plenty of time to get to the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival before it ends June 1. It takes the South Florida heat and humidity and is not bothered by cold we get in North Florida.
The University of Florida did statewide homeowner surveys of existing systems and found that the majority of waste comes from poor design.
In addition, training and resources are available in the areas of parenting, food and nutrition, and money management.
Nearly 1 million Florida Gardeners visit the Festival each spring and learn how to beautify their home landscape using the latest environmentally friendly practices and products.

It also featured Empire Zoysia turf that can survive without irrigation after establishment.
Find them now at most of your Florida Home Depots and you will have more flowers that stay open all day. Florida Friendly Gold stays 3 inches above the soil and spreads and stays full and lush throughout the year. It grows great in full sun and also performs well in a surprising low amount of filtered sun or partial shade and still holds that great chartreuse-gold color.
Pazazz Purslane is very forgiving so go on vacation and water it when you return and it will be just fine. Available in Classic Selection 9 count trays at many Florida Home Depot garden centers for use as a well behaved edge plant in the front of the flower bed or border. You can modify these setups later and add to as you expand but it is more efficient to design it right before you start.
With the cost and value of water you might consider an expert for your sprinkler, drip or micro spray design but even then it may not be as efficient as you need.
Pazazz is available in the convenient Classic Selection 9 count trays and gallon containers in a variety of colors. Set up straight sided containers of equal sizes in grids and catch water from a 20 minute run of an existing zone just to get an idea of how to measure uniformity.

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