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Super Dwarf Sunset Peach & Nectarine are Low Chill varieties suited to growing in Sub Tropical climates. Attractive red foliage DWARF  Nectarine Sunset trees produce sweet and juicy full sized red skinned yellow flesh fruit. Buy 3 or more and get them for $33.00 per item *Price adjustments will be reflected in the cart. Our regular Delivery Charge is $9.50 Australia-wide, regardless of the number of items ordered. Please note: Some orders may not be possible to parts of Australia due to quarantine and some items may carry unique delivery charges. General Information: Some fruit trees (see individual varieties) require cross-pollination with another plant of the same species to enable fruit production to occur. Watering: For optimum fruit production trees must to be kept well watered, especially when fruit is forming and ripening. Pests: Fruit Flies and Codling Moth, can be controlled with fungicides or insecticides as required.
Bare rooted trees are an ideal way of transporting items that would normally be too heavy and bulky, during a time when there is very little stress or damage to the plant. When Your Plants Arrive: Undo the parcel carefully and place the roots in tepid water and soak overnight or at the very least, a few hours. Now EVERYONE can enjoy fresh Peaches and Nectarines straight off the tree no matter where you live.

Our living merchandise is normally guaranteed to grow if our free growing guide instructions are followed.
Generally this stock is sound but should be planted as soon as possible and may not perform as well as normal in season products.
Keep the area underneath the tree free of grass and weeds, mulch well area but keep away from the trunk to avoid collar rot. Deciduous trees shut down during winter, so this is an ideal time to dig them up and send them out. Inspect the roots thoroughly and if there are any that are ragged or broken, trim them with a sharp pair of clean secateurs. Select an open space in the garden, dig one large hole and plant all your bundled bare rooted trees in it and firm down soil.
Please note, generous watering will be necessary for the first few months until the plants have grown sufficient roots to sustain the foliage. Make a small depression around the tree to stop the water running away, or alternatively use a tree surround to create a well for the water to stay within proximity to the roots. This will encourage a well shaped tree, and also allow the roots and branches a chance to balance up from when they were dug from their original growing spot. Any guaranteed items that do not grow within 3 months (6 months for dormant items) will be replaced, credited to your account or fully refunded. These quality trees are grown for two years from a planted or grafted tree, so plants are between 1 metre and 1.8 metres tall with a number of branches.

If there is more than one plant to trim, dip secateurs in a solution of bleach and water, or methylated spirits or the like to disinfect them before using them on the different plants.
Alternatively, plants can be placed into moist potting mix or potted up until a permanent place is ready for the plant. The proposed bed should have been dug over many times prior to planting ready for the plants. Dig a hole twice as wide as would be necessary to take the roots, and a little deeper, then lightly fill some of the hole in, leaving a mound on which to spread out the roots, which should be placed down and outwards over the small mound at the bottom of the hole. The bud graft or bud union (if evident) should remain approximately 5cm above soil ***except for Lilac trees where the graft MUST be planted well below the soil to avoid the rootstock growing through. If planting in an area with clay soils, be sure not to dig into the clay, rather build up the garden bed with topsoil, as clay will not allow water to drain away, and will result in the tree roots ‘drowning’.
CARE MUST be taken at planting time with the addition of fertilisers, as this may burn the roots.

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