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Root Pruning Scissors Leaves Shear Branch Scissors Tian Bonsai Tools 190 Mm (7.5") 500T Forge! You can use many different types of containers to create your own terrarium – from an old goldfish bowl, a vase or even a glass serving bowl. I can remember when terrariums were considered a ‘plant fad’ some years ago and have noticed their popularity coming back! More Blog PostsIdentifing Swallows in the Eastern USHere's how you can identify the six wide ranging swallows that can be seen in the eastern US.

Witches’ Butter Fungus (Tremella mesenterica)Look for Witches' Butter after heavy rains, when it looks like bright yellow jelly emerging from dead logs. Win a Cuckoo ClockEnter today to win a custom-made clock every backyard bird lover can enjoy. Place small pebbles at the bottom for drainage and then add a layer of activated charcoal, which will absorb odors and keep your terrarium fresh.
Add elements such as sea shells, colored beach glass, stones, an old bird’s nest, or a little figurine.

I know I did not over-water because Hubby complained there was no water in the lid or dripping down the sides similar to when I recieved the glass terrarium.

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