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13.12.2014 admin
I have just finished reading an article in the paper that stated a staggering third of all honeybees were lost last winter. My flower photos are sought after, and a well-known newspaper has printed some of my photos, but not this one. Last year from this same seed package, which we don’t have anymore, I got Forget-me-nots and the most outstanding wild delphiniums, a few of which came back this year, probably through self-sowing.
If you want a great summer display of trailiing Petunias,  then you really do need to get your plants ready now. We tend to go for the Surfinia Petunias, which are from the Hedgiflora( spreading) category.

The Nicotiana have definately been the best value annual, flowerning for over a month now and rejuvinating with lots of picking. I was amazed at this figure, and am now even more determined to ensure that my garden is full of late flowering plants for the autumn months ahead and that I do my bit to reduce this number. This Geranium Lilac has great weather tolerance and will look wonderful cascading over the sides of a container or in a hanging basket. This is especially true if I want to continue with my new found passion for growing my own veg, as without any bees none of my flowers, fruit or vegetables will get pollinated.
Just keep them well fed, and deadheaded then you will have a great display through until Autumn.

I for a while thought my flowers might be Levkojen,but I have not yet found a photo for those.

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