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To stop weeds for up to six weeks, rake a pre-emergent herbicide, such as corn gluten meal, into the top inch of soil before you plant. When planting several rows of onions, leave 16″ between the outside edge of one bed, and the outside edge of the next. The better care your onions receive during the growing season, the more likely you’ll have a bountiful harvest. When the ground starts to crack as the onions push the soil away, the bulbing process has begun. Proper treatment at harvest maximizes the amount of time you’ll be able to store your onions. When the tops of the onions turn brown or yellow and fall over, it’s time to harvest. Visit Russell Feed stores for onion bulb sets, herbicides such as Corn Gluten Meal and fertilizers and get your spring onion harvest off to a growing start! Printed plans and physical products are mailed via USPS and typically arrive within 7-10 days. Each kit contains specialty parts and hardware needed to complete one Stand-up Tool Storage. Your gift certificate will be emailed to you or a gift recipient of your choice (optional) immediately after purchase.

Yes, please sign me up to receive WOOD Magazine's free e-mail newsletters, including weekly woodworking tips,WOOD Store Deals and special offers from our partners and from the WOOD magazine family of publications. Each kit contains specialty parts and hardware needed to complete one Four-Seater Picnic Table. Coloring in the playroom or a party on the patio is loads of fun with this rugged four-seater table. Onions always start off the gardening season every year— Russell Feed has onion sets available in stores around the first week of January. If you prefer to harvest some earlier as green onions, space them 2″ apart and pull every other onion during the growing season, leaving the rest to grow to maturity. The spacing from the center of one fertilizer trench to the center of the next should be 36″. Onions have shallow roots, so don’t let the soil at the base of the plants become dry and cracked. Every 2 to 3 weeks after planting, fertilize with¬†ammonium sulfate¬†(21-0-0) in alkaline soils, or calcium nitrate (15.5-0-0) in acidic soils. An application of corn gluten meal raked into the top inch of soil every six weeks during the growing season will prevent weeds from returning. If you are ordering a downloadable plan, article, or back issue you will need a PDF viewer, such as the free Adobe Reader.

Downloadable videos can be large; ample storage space and a high-speed internet connection are recommended. Wood Store gift certificates are non-transferrable and may only be used towards the purchase of products or services at the Wood Store.
Built to withstand lots of abuse by kids and Mother Nature, the cedar base supports a smoothly painted tabletop and four seats made from exterior plywood.Top measures 30" dia. Sprinkle it on top of the original fertilizer strip at the rate of ? cup per 10 feet of row.
Periodically check for any soft onions, and remove them to avoid deterioration of the others.
Be sure to push the straw back when the plants start to bulb so they’ll cure properly.
As a general rule, sweeter onions don’t store as long as more pungent ones, so use the sweeter onions first.
However, when the onion tops start falling over, stop watering and let the soil dry out before harvesting.

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