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ShowMe™ and Garden and Home bring you some of this magazine’s top notch content right here on our site. Extremely popular are the antiques and collectables sections and the food features which concentrate on how foodies entertain at home.
When this busy, Jo’burg-based family decided to build a holiday home, they were looking for a location with a strong connection to the outdoors. Creating a series of relaxed, interconnected spaces, architect Bai Tshetlo of Facade Design worked on a predominantly open-plan ground floor layout, with three spacious bedrooms and a pyjama lounge upstairs.
When it came to the colour palette, the owners knew they didn’t want an all-neutral flax and grey scheme which is often the norm in holiday homes.
Here are some photographs of Japanese gardens, recently sent to me (by Shawn Tribe my colleague at the New Liturgical Movement). The Japanese garden embodies native values, their cultural beliefs and religious principles.
In order to appreciate and understand the Japanese garden, the viewer should consider nature as a picture frame into which the garden, or the man- made work of art, is inserted. And, having been so rude about Western attempts to recreate Japanese gardens, here is one that proves me wrong! The Way of Beauty is managed, maintained, and, unless otherwise stated, written by David Clayton. The Map of Africa Countries allows you to get to know each and every country in Africa according to its geographical location. This map is a simple colour map of Africa - if you want a bigger, printable size then do check out the links below.

Or if you'd like to buy a Wall Map or downloadable Africa map, click the banner below and search for Africa Maps for some of the best maps of Africa available! Hi, my name is Melissa and I created this site together with photographer Christopher List to help spread awareness about green lifestyles and travel, so everyone can learn how easy it is to live in a sustainable way. I wasn't sure what a permaculture design course was about, until I read through Melissa's fantastic blog! The link between personal responsibility and preserving our environment is becoming increasingly clear to me. Garden and Home is one of South Africa’s most popular home and gardening magazines and features predominantly South African homes and gardens with classic, timeless style. If it is a fair overview, then it what it describes is consistent with the Christian belief that the untamed wilderness is not the perfect standard of beauty (which is what so many modern Westerners seem to believe). This is why there is no one prototype for the Japanese garden, just as there is no one native philosophy or aesthetic.
Reading up on simple ways to be more eco-friendly in my life and travels has really helped me practice what I preach. He said he had just found them and thought they were beautiful and that was his only justification for sending them. My uninformed speculation is that they reflect a desire to create idealised rural landscapes  - a sense of what nature ought to be.
Rather, that man,  through God’s grace (for the Christian) can improve the wilderness and mould it into something closer to what it ought to be. In this way, similar to other forms of Japanese art, landscape design is constantly evolving because of the influx of mainland, namely Chinese, influences as well as the changing aesthetic tastes and values of the patrons.

Also, when observing the garden, the visitor should not distinguish the garden from its architecture. He is an artist, teacher, published writer and broadcaster who holds a permanent post as Artist-in-Residence and Lecturer in Liberal Arts at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. In this respect not dissimilar to the 18th century English landscaped gardens of designers such as Capability Brown. Buildings, therefore, are not to be thought of as unnatural aberrations but (provided they are built well) as another aspect of properly ordered nature. Gardens incorporate natural and artificial elements and thus, fuse the elements of nature and architecture. I used to ask my dad about it so often that as a joke he taught me the Latin name for it - acer palmatum dissectum atropurpureum.
The Way of Beauty program, which is offered at TMC, focuses on the link between Catholic culture, with a special emphasis on art, and the liturgy.
About a week later I was in the garden of a family friend who by coincidence was watering a red-leafed Japanese maple that looked just like the one at home.

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