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Customer Information:If you have a query about our products or an order you've placed, please email us or call us between 9am and 5pm, Mon to Fri. Cookies - to make this site work well we store some information on your computer using cookies. Have a look at your local river bed to see what grows there for some ideas of what to plant in silty soil. The Farmax Consultant of the Year awards have revealed the high calibre of young people working in the rural industry.
My name is Steve Albert and I created Harvest to Table for the beginner and veteran gardner alike.

Easy Measurement ConverterThe Measurement Converter can help you figure out the metric equivalents for the measurements used in the recipes on this site. My book is a veritable encyclopedia that provides simple guidance to the kitchen gardener and cook to bring fresh, inexpensive, and healthy food from your garden to your table. Re-pot 9cm plants into larger pots for a season and keep frost free for the winter before planting out. If you have any waterways on your land, managing your riparian areas is something to consider.
The goal here is to find easy solutions to common garden problems and to help you bring great food from your garden to your table.

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