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Silver Bells are named after their vibrant coloring, shown here to appear almost silver against the bright green backdrop. Argyranthemums are bright and vibrant flowers, with large pollen beds that almost seem to pop out at you!
The Diascia BarberaeĀ is another delicate flower with thin stalks and uniquely shaped petals. Geraniums are popular plants, with long vine-like limbs that make them great for hanging pots or baskets. The Ivy Geranium Plant displays balls of wonderful flowers, showing an elegant blend of color on their petals.
Petunias almost have a sinister type of beauty, with large, billowing petals featuring vein-like designs sprouting out from the dark center of the flower. These Signet Marigold plants have bold coloring on the petals and in the center of the flower.

The Verbena plant fits nicely inside small containers, and will work great in hanging baskets as well!
The Water Hyssop plant also works fantastically in hanging baskets, since the flowers themselves hang down from long vines. Black suit in a deck of cards that is shaped like a spearhead; this suit has the lowest value. Black suit in a deck of cards that is shaped like a cloverleaf; this suit has the third-highest value. Red suit in a deck of cards that is shaped like a lozenge; this suit has the second-highest value. Coronation Street: Leanne stays in Weatherfield, reunites with Nick and her pregnancy is outed! Sign up to our newsletter to receive industry insights, news and listings as they are published.

We love the stark contrast between the deep colored petals and the dark center of the flower.
The stalks branch out from the root source and the flowers hang elegantly with upturned petals. The stalks branch out from the center of the plant and the tiny flowers seem to float around the vines.
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