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I used to live in Eugene, Oregon, back in my college days and it’s a lovely town that will always hold a piece of my heart. Our Life Engagement program is designed to promote resident wellness and independence while utilizing and valuing residents’ strengths and successes within an environment that celebrates normalization, choice, empowerment and validation.
We have a lot for you to do: Activities, socializing, exercising, reading or just plain relaxing. To learn more about our senior living activities program here Middlefield Oaks, get in contact or visit our Facebook page today.
Hearing that your loved one has a form dementia can an incredibly difficult thing to deal with.

Recently I spent the day there visiting some old friends and walking around my old stomping grounds. Students can take classes each term there learning about composting methods, cover crops, start seeds, reaping the harvest, etc. I'm Renee Wilkinson and this is where I've chronicled my adventures in homesteading since 2007. Here at Middlefield Oaks, our goal is to help our residents enjoy the things you love and have more time for them. Had I known that as an undergrad, I probably would have taken that class every term to get my gardening fix out.

Here you will find 1,000+posts on modern homestead projects, edible landscape design and the occasional life update. This is a condition that affects around 25 million Americans and is common among the elderly.

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