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Chems and ferts maker Pan Britannica Industries, where Hessayon was chief scientist, published and distributed the books until the 2000s.
Only 20 years ago, the chemicals Hessayon suggests include: Chlorophos and Hexyl on grubs, Slug Gard on woodlice, snails and slugs, Anti-Ant and Nippon on ants, Multiveg on flea beetles, Racumen Mouse Bait, Sprayday, Multirose, Derris, Malathion Greenfly Killer, Long-Last, Fenitrothion, Supercarb on mildew, Cheshunt compound solution on plant viruses, Crop Saver, Dithane on blight, Calomel dust on club root as well as the herbicides Alloxydim-Sodium, Aminotriazole, Atrazine, 2,4-D, Dalapon, Dicamba, Dichlobenil, Glyphosate, MCPA. Everyone has their idea of paradise: an interview with John Sales by Anne Wareham I’ve been preoccupied with the gap between the professionally designed garden and the garden of the serious amateur for some years, particularly because I experience garden design as an ongoing process which I am involved with daily at Veddw, rather than a one off planning exercise. We closed our garden, by Abbie Jury Yes, this is a conversation we have every year: shall we go on opening the garden?
Alan Titchmarsh, on the other hand, is more like Russian Vine in that he seems to get everywhere.
Now, on the eve of the Chelsea Flower Show, B&Q has uprooted a series of gardening books by Dr Hessayon from its stores and planted celebrity Mr Titchmarsh as its sole expert gardening author.
Mr Titchmarsh's A?6.99 How To Garden guides are now prominently displayed on a special stand and are set to become the only gardening books on sale in the store.
A life-size cut-out of the TV star greets visitors to every branch, and instore announcements promote his Let's Get Gardening campaign. Mr Titchmarsh's books are so similar in appearance to Dr Hessayon's that you could be forgiven for confusing them. In the past Dr Hessayon has attacked TV shows such as Mr Titchmarsh's-Ground Force for doing 'a bloody lot of harm'. Gareth Pottle, of Transworld Publishers - responsible for both sets of books - said: 'This is a clever piece of marketing.

I chose a 1986 edition of Dr Hess’s first book, The Garden Expert, to compare to the Green Garden Expert. The Flowering Shrub Expert: The world's best-selling book on flowering shrubs (Expert Books) THE VEGETABLE EXPERT BOOK BY DR. The Green Garden Expert explains the options, showing you how to:Prepare the ground the no-dig way. Despite being the world's bestselling author on horticulture, Dr David Hessayon is something of a shrinking violet when it comes to publicity. They are about the same size and shape, run to the same 128-page length, have similar covers and titles and even the same publisher. Mr Titchmarsh's books Flowering Shrubs, Growing Fruit, and Lawns, Paths And Patios rival Dr Hessayon's The Flowering Shrub Expert, The Fruit Expert and The Lawn Expert. Bayer no longer sees Hess as core business so Transworld now publishes the Hessayon guide series. Hessayon’s books originally sprang out of his work at PBI and include numerous references to products he helped develop. These are some of my reflections about on Sissinghurst’s revitalisation and the issues it raises. It comes easier to the naturally gregarious, I suspect, the ones that don’t want to hide under the bed when people arrive.
Title: The Fruit Expert (Expert Series) Please note, the image is for illustrative purposes only, actual book cover, binding and edition may vary.

Title: The Fruit Expert (Expert Series) About Us The Monster Bookshop is an online bookshop established in 2008 is committed to offering great savings on used and new books. I would use products and techniques that I felt would not harm the plants, people or the environment.
Malathion has been linked to cancer by Pesticides Action Network and Aminotriazole isn’t used on food crops because of carcinogenic properties.
Hadspen?) foretold in 1999 that colour would be the big thing in the new century, colour has been perhaps the least considered aspect of garden design among thinkingardeners and their ilk.
Our company is dedicated to providing you with the best quality, lowest cost products on E.bay. The UK ban on atrazine and simazine use in non-agricultural situations came into force on 31 August 1993. Though I confess that, unrepentant, it has probably actually been one of my prime considerations in beds and borders.

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