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This is the area where you want micro organisms to work and thrive, so avoid using any Herbicides, chemical sprays and fertilisers it this area. Spray with Neem Tree Oil and sprinkle Neem Granules under the tree and water in to kill the root mealy bugs.. You can also drench Neem Oil over the granules to make them more effective at the rate of 25ml per litre of water. Common in hot dry weather, spray with Neem Tree Oil or Wallys Liquid Sulphur spray (but not these two products together). I have also solved the borer problem by injecting a strong solution of Neem Oil into the borer holes (50:50 ratio).

Prune out lower branches of tree to increase air circulation, spray with Liquid Copper and Raingard. Even if you have no known diseases present it is good practice to spray the trees with Liquid Copper and Raingard twice a year, spring and autumn for prevention.
Citrus trees can be mulched in the spring to feed and conserve moisture through the dry months. Most home gardeners know about protecting young citrus trees from air frosts with a tent of clear plastic or sprays of Vaporgard. On onspecting of the droped and survoving flowers there are no stamin inside.Could this be a pest or is the tree past its best.

I wonder If I have added to its demise with perhaps too much liquid (man produced) morning fertiliser?
I have to confess here I have just realised, through lack of plant part knowledge,I stated stamin were the missing part of 99% of all flowers is the pistil. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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