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It's a bit nippy out, make sure all your out door tropical plants are covered, they hate snow and ice!
China doll can become a large tree outdoors, but in the home you can keep it to 4 or 5 feet tall by pinching back new growth to cause branching.
Well a lot has happened since 2010… But mainly I have travelled around for work and play and have just settled in to Melbourne for now. What’s your favourite thing that you’ve worn on a shoot or in a show that you wish was yours?
The North Quarter by Christopher Shannon collection is a vision of modern and technical sportswear.
As gymnast Max Whitlock takes his second gold medal in Rio, we look back to his magazine debut for Rollacoaster. Wonder-girl Rita Ora’s back with another collection for the guys at adidas Originals.

Expect the rebirth of Vivienne Westwood this Fashion Week, as they announce the unification of their men’s and women’s collection. I mean, really – who doesn’t want to know all about the person who wrote the book? I was fortunate to meet Debra at a party I threw in 2010, in preparation for the San Francisco Garden Show which opened the following day (that’s Debra facing the camera), Debra was one of my guests, and I not only spent several hours with her at my party, but several hours the following few days at the show.
Like these succulents, for instance, that were hanging up high in one of the display gardens at the show.
Hi, Rebecca — I was Internet-challenged when this came out so am at last giving you a well-deserved yelp of delight.
Thanks Daffodil – I tried to write something a little different since you already wrote a glowing review of her book…tough to compete with yours, you know!
And here’s hoping your birthday is coming up soon, Greenwords, so you can enjoy this treasure of a book!

Whether you have a tiny lawn or a narrow strip of gravel or small back yard we can inject a some life into your small garden. Of course her book goes into the specifics about the planting, care and propogation of succulents – something which will benefit every reader, experienced and novice alike. I just got a review copy of this book from the much-beloved UPS man last night, and I am thinking of skiving off work to read it this morning!
Photos are so important, and I confess I rarely read a garden book from front to back – I read based on my interest in the photos, which then hopefully makes me want to read more text. And speaking of yelps, those muffled ones you heard when I was leaving came from Daisy, whom I unsuccessfully tried to smuggle into my rental car.

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