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SERIES 25 Episode 10Sophie shows how to build a self-watering garden bed"I'm really happy with my vegie patch," says Sophie, "but after two years and constantly adding organic matter to the soil, the soil's still not as good as it could be and I expect it will probably take about five years to get to that point.
Copyright Restrictions: This fact sheet is for private and domestic information purposes only. Links to sites that may interest you, including botanical gardens, private gardens, and gardening societies in your state. Comprehensive information on what to grow and how to grow it, plus great gardens, design ideas and stories from the show.
Come gia detto nell’articolo dedicato al significato della permacultura, in termini pratici i principi della permacultura possono essere applicati al terrazzo di casa, al giardino e alla progettazione di un orto domestico, cosi come ad abitazione isolate, villaggi rurali o piu ampi insediamenti urbani.
Per progettare un orto secondo i principi della permacultura, bastera impiegare metodi che hanno l’obiettivo comune di tutelare il terreno e di ripristinarne, di coltivazione in coltivazione, la fertilita nativa del terreno in modo naturale. Chi ha un orto domestico e vuole seguire i principi della permacultura, potrebbe adottare animali da cortile, in particolare le galline. Le piante rampicanti possono essere coltivati su graticci, staccionate pre-esistenti o pergolati cosi da ottimizzare lo spazio. Le piante che si prestano a essere disposte su graticci sono i fagioli rampicanti, la passiflora, le zucche (sostenendone in reti i frutti), i cetrioli e molte altre. I first learned about container gardening years ago while living in an apartment building in downtown Ottawa.
If you’re limited on space but would still love to grow your own food then give these 11 fruits or vegetables a green thumbs up and don’t be afraid to throw them into a pot!
Watering can: A small bucket works fine but a spouted can costing $5 to $10 makes watering a lot easier.
Seeds or plants: Growing from seeds is less expensive than potting plants but takes a while longer. This list of fruits, vegetables, and herbs all grow well together, so feel free to plant several herbs together in a single pot to save some cash.
Get a head’s-up by passing on traditional lettuce heads and opt for spring mix varieties to gets some green into your fresh summer salads. If you live in a warmer climate, hot peppers such as jalapenos are simple to grow in a pot. Growing vegetables in containers is a fun and frugal way to get some seasonal produce onto your dinner plate for less. You can also grow the bottom 2 inches of a celery bouquet in a simple bowl of water in a nicely-lit area. My salad didn’t like the potting soil and stopped growing as soon as it was re-potted. And now my Kentucky Wonder pole beans, which were my pride and joy, have developed Mosaic Virus and are wilting faster than the new leaves can grow.
I grow sugar snap peas, sweet bell peppers, garlic chives, onion chives, oregono, parsley, spinach, mixed salad, strawberries and blackberries all in containers on my balcony.
Depending on the type of plant, bulbils may resemble small nodule-like buds in clusters or individual, either coming from the bottom of the plant moving up or aerial ones at the top of the plant. There are various types of bulbil plants in the garden realm that are able to reproduce via bulbils instead of seeds. Some types of bulbil plants include agave and several members of the onion family, including garlic. A few species of lilies produce stem bulbils that are dark purple and measure from 1 to 2 cm in size.
Even some ferns, like the hen and chicken fern, make new plants on the tips of their fronds, which are also referred to as bulbils. When you are growing plants from bulbils, be sure to provide plenty of water for new bulbils regularly to help them establish strong roots.
It also means that in summer I have to water daily."So she has an alternative - a vegie garden that's easily maintained, uses very little water, doesn't take much space and is quick to set up. It may not be copied, reproduced, sold or used for any other purpose without the express permission of the ABC.

Come tutte le soluzioni pratiche adottate in permacultura, anche quando si parla di progettazione di un orto domestico i metodi di coltivazione variano a seconda del contesto culturale e ambientale. Uno dei concetti piu usati, infatti, e il trattore di galline: le galline, lasciate al pascolo, razzolando libere (oppure in apposite strutture mobili) riescono a mantenere costante la vegetazione a un livello basso.
Le aiuole ampie servono per quelle specie a maturazione lunga e raccolta concentrata, come patate, porri e zucche. Container gardens are the perfect solution for those who don’t have the space or time to build larger square foot gardens. My neighbors one balcony over were container growing experts and often shared their extra green beans, tomaotes, and strawberries with me. Anysweettooth, the two best types of strawberry plants for containers are the ever-bearing and the day-neutral varieties. Over the years I’ve had excellent success with a variety of snap peas, green beans, and yellow beans. Radishes are yummy in salads, are fabulous with hummus dips, and add some bite in the hot summer heat. Spring mix varieties grow in less space and can be harvested frequently while heads of lettuce take up a lot of space.
Just be sure to use a large enough pot to allow for your beeters to root deep and delicious. When the cabbage head is first forming on your plant, slice the top part of it into quarters (when looking down) to grow four smaller heads instead of one large one.
It’s easy to grow, and if you dry it after harvesting it could last you well into the winter. They can be used as attractive ornamentals while providing some home-grown heat for your sassy salsa or your homemade chili.
Just don’t plant the massive field cucumber varieties in your container garden since these require a lot of space.
I live in apartment with a sunny window and balcony and find I can successfully grow lettuce outside and herbs indoors (starting in August). I went from telling my wife “Tear out all the grass, are you nuts” to wanting to grow everything! So far, out of the six plants I carefully researched for ease of growing and tenderly sprouted and planted out, two MAY survive. Also the lettuce never even really got going and the strawberries that were good were eaten immediately.
Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun. Like walking onion, bulbils that are not removed will naturally fall to the ground, grow roots and pull themselves deep into the soil. She's got three wicking beds that have given Sophie and her family stacks of vegies throughout the summer.Wicking beds water plants from below rather than above. Container gardens are small and perfect for those renting apartments or living in condos – and they’re lots of fun! Since that time I’ve been a huge fan of growing vegetables in a pot and have saved hundreds on fresh produce all while having fun. You can also pay a little more for special containers though and I know some people who will only grow strawberries in strawberry pots. Just run some strings up your balcony and get vertical to get some fresh peas and beans growning in a pot and onto your dinner plate. There are other plants that produce bulbils, which can be used to grow additional plants in the garden. Planting bulbils in the late summer gives plants an opportunity to develop a strong root system before winter sets in.
They're basically containers with water reservoirs at the base - like a giant self-watering pot.

Ask your local garden shop for the best strawberries for your area and be sure to mention you’re growing strawberry plants in pots. While many garden varieties of tomatoes require a large area to plant and grow, there are plenty of newer varieties that thrive in a pot. I’m going to do it again next year but start earlier and buy smaller varieties and try local strawberries. Because bulbils so readily propagate, learning how to grow plants from bulbils makes for easy propagation as most can be harvested once they’ve matured.
Mature plants produce bulbils on top of the stalk followed by a short flower stalk, which also produces bulbils. They take about a 24″ container and need to be stung up to help with growing straight but are still good producers. These bulbils weight the plant down and so that it touches the ground a few inches from the mother plant. This allows moisture to be more evenly distributed through the soil, creating better growing conditions for the plants.MaterialsYou can build a wicking bed out of any sort of container, but Sophie likes to use big, old wooden vegetable crates.
Growing tomatoes in pots is pretty easy but you’ll probably have to string them up for some support.
Once the bulbils meet the soil, they send out roots and grow more plants, naturally reproducing. I typically use 1-2 24″ long boxes that hang over the railing so that they are up off the main part of the balcony so that I can go out and enjoy the garden. She's lucky enough to get them from a local market gardener for just $15 each.As well as a container, you'll need a couple of pieces of old carpet to line the bottom - and some builder's plastic to line and waterproof the interior of the container. Sophie's using geotextile fabric to separate the water reservoir from the soil, but she says you can use old shadecloth instead.You'll need scoria, gravel or another aggregate to fill the bottom of the reservoir. Sophie uses scoria because in her area she can pick it up for free from people wanting to get rid of it.
For the watering tube, Sophie's using a piece of PVC pipe and an elbow, bought from the salvage yard. She's also picked up an old metal cap that will go on the top to prevent mosquitoes getting in to breed in the reservoir.
She's also got some agricultural pipe of the same diameter to join to the PVC pipe - the ag pipe will coil around the bottom of the container. Check for any protruding nails and other sharp objects - either hammer them in or pull them out to get rid of them.Next, put down a layer of carpet on the base and follow with the black plastic on the base and up the sides. Sophie clamps the plastic in place, then adds a second layer of carpet that covers the black plastic bottom and goes another 20 centimetres up the sides. This will prevent the scoria or other gravel from puncturing the black plastic.Sophie then adds scoria to a depth of 100 millimetres on top of the carpet to hold everything in place. She's connected the ag pipe to the upright pvc and coils the flexible ag pipe around the bottom of the reservoir, on top of the scoria.
Sophie's old piece of narrow pvc pipe goes through the middle to keep the outlet waterproof.
Next, a layer of geotextile fabric goes over the top of the scoria to prevent the soil clogging the water reservoir.Finally, the soil goes on top. It needs to be around 30 centimetres deep - the optimal height to get soil wicking properly.

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