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Butterfly Bush will fill a corner, create a hedge or become the background of a large planting bed in one season.
Butterfly Bush produces panicles of pretty flowers that range from a few inches to over a foot long depending on variety.
Water well the first year to develop a good root system, and they are moderately drought resistant after that. Don’t be in a hurry in the spring to see new growth, as Butterfly Bush is a late sleeper. Tried and True, a€?Pink Delighta€? is still the industry standard, with uniform growth and large, deep pink flowers. A dwarf variety that is suitable for large containers is a€?Blue Chipa€? This is also a sterile variety. There are dozens of varieties from local and online nurseries, even selections with variegated foliage!
If you garden on a budget, Butterfly Bush is a proven winner that will quickly establish an attractive, full garden for little money, and basic upkeep.
I have the dark blue and also the yellow one, but heard they were evasive so have grown them in pots. I would love this plant to Add to all I have now, but I live in Puerto Rico and have not found the plant or seeds. I have had at least 7 or 8 of these in my garden over the years, ranging in color from white, pale orchid color, and deep purple.

I have discovered that these beautiful plants thrive easily, but after 8 or 9 years they suddenly stop growing, so I’ve had to replaced them a few times. Butterfly bushes bloom off new wood, so anything you cut back will limit the blooms you have… that being said, they also grow back like wildfire!
12 Creative DIY Compost Bin IdeasIf you are a gardener, chances are you have thought about starting a compost bin. 9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard OasisIt's pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat. We’ve got gorgeous fall mums in more than a dozen colors and multiple sizes… what fun! It is low maintenance, requiring little in the way of fertilizer, and is resistant to pests and disease.
It grows 5-10 feet high and as wide, so it can make fast impact on your yard for little cash. The most common colors are pink and purple, but there are also blue, white and a yellow variety. Do not fertilize much as that will produce too much green growth, and make it lanky with few flowers. That may sound severe, but this will create a more dense uniform plant with larger flowers. It will put out new leaves a little later than a lot of other shrubs, so be patient, it catches up fast.

They are deciduous in colder areas, but since you cut it back to the ground in early spring anyway, it doesna€™t matter. If you have that problem in your area, look for a€?sterilea€? varieties that do not self seed.
I have not had good luck with them not many flowers and the branches do well and then seem to die off.
The way they spread is by seed not by runners so you wont have any problem there if you plant them. I would really over to grow one, but it’s hard to grow some beautiful plant here, that will last our summers. This is the secret to attractive shrubs that make your garden look like a prize winning spot!
I just pull them up when I see them and I will probably plant the little starts for to sell!
The gray green leaves are the perfect backdrop for any garden, and they have a fine texture and arching shape that many gardens lack. But I will not give up because I would love to have them flourish and be able to smell my yellow flowers I did not realize it smelled!

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