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Bear in mind that during the working day we will probably be outside working on one of our projects.
Where trees, shrubs and hardscapes around your property can provide shape and texture to your landscape perennials and annuals can help complete your landscape by adding color and balance to really make your gardens stand out above the rest.
Our plant installers will quickly and professionally install your flower garden, beds and borders.
About Simple By Nature LandscapeSimple By Nature Landscape offers professional landscape design and installation services at competitive prices. Kentucky bluegrass is the most commonly planted grass in our area, and it is a cool-season grass. If you have areas of bright green under the shade of trees and areas of brown where the lawn receives full sun, it is time to look at your watering practices. To keep your lawn beautiful, water deeply to maintain a root system at least 6 to 8 inches deep. Wendy Hanson Mazet is a horticulturist and certified arborist with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.
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Alternatively, you could try our mobiles during the day but bear in mind that we may be working with noisy machinery and not hear the phone.

With Simple By Nature Landscape providing the knowledge of what flowers blossom in the different season here in New Hampshire, using a variety of shrubs, bulbs, perennials, and annuals we can assure you your landscape will be glowing with color throughout the year. Using a landscape design program, we will give you a plant layout along with the plant names, which you can take to a nursery and purchase yourself. We will assist you to choose those varieties which suit the light, soil, and moisture conditions in different parts of your garden.
We service commercial and residential properties in NH's Lakes Region, including Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough, Laconia, Gilford, New Hampton, Bristol, Holderness, Plymouth, and Lincoln. With our summer staying hot and in the triple-digits, it is no wonder that our landscapes, and especially our lawns, are starting to look worse for wear.
Many people see shades of blue-grey and then brown and assume their turf needs fertilizer or has a disease. Cool-season grasses preform best in winter and spring when temperatures stay below 85 degrees. Common infectious turfgrass diseases are caused by plant pathogenic fungi, like leaf spot or melting out, and require long periods of dew on the leaf blades and warm evening temperatures. This year, I have seen several grass samples come into the office showing cuts from dull mower blades. To determine how much moisture your lawn receives and how evenly it is irrigated, “can your lawn.” Place straight-sided coffee cups or soup cans throughout turfgrass areas. Avoid early evening watering during the hot summer months to reduce the possibility of disease. We will also help you to choose deer-resistant plantings so your investment, hopefully, won’t be eaten by a four-legged neighbor.

Contact us about our commercial and residential landscape design, landscape construction, lawn maintenance, masonry services, walkways, walls, patios, firepits, water features, gardens and flowers, commercial snow plowing services and a whole lot more.
When Kentucky bluegrass does not receive adequate moisture or becomes stressed by heat in the summer months, they have a tendency to go dormant, or brown, until conditions improve in fall.
In northern Nevada, we typically have low humidity which reduces the likelihood of diseases in most lawns. Wait to fertilize until conditions are cooler and the lawn has appropriate moisture to support new growth. Taking into account the lack of thunderstorms this summer and our naturally low, and now extreme low, humidity, most diseases will not have the conditions needed to grow.
This causes turf to lose more water through its leaves and appear tattered with straw colored tops. Dry soil will be difficult to get the screwdriver into whereas moist soil will be much easier to penetrate.

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