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Hi Joanie –  I would love for you to link this post up to My Pregnancy Journal link-up!  The discussion question this week is about nursing while pregnant and nursing a toddler and a newborn together.  One of the moms has concerns about this and I thought this would be great for the link up! Herbal recipes, essential oils, and old-fashioned remedies for supporting your family's health naturally. Since a few of you have emailed me wondering about how the pregnancy is going I thought I’d give an update on baby #4. I saw someone mention The Business of Being Born, and I thought I would tell you it is an AWESOME movie.
We found out right before Christmas that we are expecting our last baby around the end of August. Make Your Own Mini PB&J Finger Foods Perfect For Toddlers Learning To Feed Themselves!
My first baby refused to breastfeed and I thought for sure I’d be lucky to make it to the 6 month mark with my second baby. After nearly two years of nursing and becoming pregnant for a third time, I feel like I don’t own my own body anymore!
It means SO much to me to know that my name (and this baby’s) is being lifted up by you wherever you are in the world.
At the time, we thought it would be more unique, since we knew nobody with it as either a first or middle name…turned out other people we knew also started using it a lot right at that same time, lol! Well, at almost 20 months old that second baby is still nursing, and I’m 17 weeks pregnant with number 3.

Since I did not breastfeed Bug, weaning Sis is a completely new thing for me, and guess what? I do what I feel is best for my babies, but I also need to take my own feelings into consideration. I know nursing is best for him still, but I got pregnant right around the time he got teeth which pretty much changed our nursing relationship entirely! However, an occasional kick or thump in my abdomen quickly reminds me that there’s somebody growing in there!!
She is a Registered Nurse currently staying home with her four children while her husband works full time. I have tried telling her no more bubbies, but each time it ends in an unnecessary amount of tears and ripping at my clothes.
I will get up and give her a cup of milk or juice, or I will try to find a new toy for her to play with, sometimes we will read. A slow and steady weaning for my toddler before the birth of baby number 3 is the way to go for me. You can find her blogging about homemaking, homeschooling and simple living at Simple Living Mama. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. But then again, the people who say these types of things only have one or two children who they don’t seem to be able to handle.

I haven’t quite figured out how we are going to wean from nursing at naps and bedtime.
People who think more than one or two is too many are usually those who don’t enjoy their own. Danika thinks that she has a baby in her tummy too ?? She is hoping for a girl so she can share a room with the baby.
I really want my toddler completely weaned by two just to give me a little break before the new baby comes. And it’s funny… the friends I have with more than three children are always so excited for me! So adorable ?? I’m getting past the morning sickness now and having influenza while pregnant was no fun but I am slowly getting better. At least I am keeping the neighborhood bakery in business.Perhaps as a result of my enthusiastic appetite, the OB says my baby is measuring about three weeks ahead of her gestational age. Now the mother of two girls, Amy occasionally gets time off from playing princess to update her parenting humor blog Carriage Before Marriage and contribute to The Huffington Post, and Scary Mommy. I feel like an enormous monster and the prospect of another 3 months of gaining scares the hell out of me.

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