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So we have provided the 2016 calendars that help you to be on track by noting down the appointments and task and progress day by day. Print document, calendar image or pdf of the 2016 calendar to set your weekly goals and progress every week.
The calendars are best used by people who keeps themselves motivated to attain some goal that they fix.
If you find any holidays or observances missing in the 2016 july calendar you can include it in the calendar document.
Channel 4 have live coverage of ten races this season including the British Grand Prix and the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. For full details of start times and where each race will be shown on TV, check out our Formula 1 2016 race calendar and TV schedule.
Former driver Mark Webber will also be a regular member of the presenting team, and will be alongside Coulthard and Jones for much of the season. Motorsport legend Murray Walker will be recording special interviews for Channel 4, and promises he'll be there in person for the British Grand Prix. Top Gear's newest recruit Eddie Jordan will also be appearing at some of the races this year. Indian racing driver Karun Chandhok will act as technical analysts for Channel 4, while journalist Lee McKenzie will continue to work F1 for Channel 4 while also covering other major events for the BBC.
Look out too for racing legends Alain Prost and Alex Zanardi, Ayrton Senna's nephew Bruno Senna and Lewis Hamilton's brother Nic Hamilton taking part too. As Steve Jones says, there's a reason why he was picked to host despite not having presented live sport before – they want to beef up the entertainment value.
But Coulthard says he sees similarities between Jones and his former F1 running mate, Jake Humphrey. Channel 4 have promised that there will be no adverts during coverage of their live races, meaning that F1 fans will still be able to enjoy uninterrupted action on terrestrial TV.
Yes, the BBC's F1 theme from Fleetwood Mac will remain when the sport makes the switch to Channel 4. Coronation Street: Leanne stays in Weatherfield, reunites with Nick and her pregnancy is outed! One of the oldest county fairs in New York State is back again for 12 days at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Wallkill.
Tavern Trail happy hour and dinner events featurelocalfood,aspecialtyTavernTrail cocktail,anddiscussionsoflocalhistory. Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra with special guests Chris Caffery from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and the Duprees. There will be a car show put on by the Saturday Night Cruisers Car Club, helicopter rides by Independent Helicopters, and live music by the Armonia Band.
The Friends of the Hill-Hold Museum are holding their annual fundraising event Herb Day Lecture and Luncheon. This week’s Neversink Valley Museum Wednesday Night History Talk is with Stephen Skye.
4 Months of our popular calendars, including Best Days, Fishing, Gardening by the Moon and more!
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While thunderstorms can be scary and dangerous, there are many of us out there who can’t help the fact that we love to watch a good storm.
Throughout the United States, there are many great places to watch the black clouds, pouring rain and lightning roll in. Because it’s situated in the heart of Tornado Alley, Kansas offers some of the best storm watching opportunities in the United States. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Kansas experiences approximately 50 thunderstorms per year, many of which happen in June and July. People that aren’t from Arizona often assume that the weather is dry and relatively calm, and in some regions of this state, that’s true.
Everything is larger in Texas, and that includes the thunderstorms, particularly in the Panhandle region and western Oklahoma. Colorado has extremely volatile weather patterns, which makes for some of the best storm watching in the world. You’d think that the number one best spot to watch storms in the United States would be somewhere in Tornado Alley, but it’s actually Florida, the state known for its balmy weather and sun-kissed beaches. The absolute best spot in Florida is Lakeland, which has 100 stormy days each year, on average.
My first real experience of a good thunderstorm was on a family vacation, we were driving around 1p.m. Once, in May 2008, my husband and I saw the most awe-inspiring lightning storm of our lives in St. If you want to see some powerful thunderstorms with multiple lightening strikes, the place to go is Rockford or Loves Park Illinois especially close to the Rock River or near the Sinnissippi Gardens!
My favorite place to watch a TS from is bed, be it in Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, or where ever. All of the above mentioned place are probably good, but, the shores of any one of our Great Lakes are fabulous places to watch thunderstorms roll in!! We love to go to our town’s private beach on the north shore of Long Island which is right on Long Island Sound.
I was just standing in the back yard of my mother’s home in Orlando one sunny morning talking to the neighbor, and a burst of thunder with lightening happened right out of the sky. I do love a good thunderstorm it just makes me think how awesome are God is and how little I am ! One of the most unique places for thunderstorm viewing is from the The Signature Room (Restaurant) at the 95th Floor of the John Hancock Center in Chicago.
Delivered to you every Wednesday morning, our newsletter is jam-packed with weather information, natural cures, gardening tips, everyday advice and more! If you notice a hole in the upper left-hand corner of your Farmers' Almanac, don't return it to the store!
Get our ALL-ACCESS PASS and get 365 days of access to our online calendars along with a copy of the 2017 Almanac (Now Shipping!) for only $13.99 $11.99! You meant to get your garden spiffy in May, but we’ve  experienced so much rain and cool weather this spring, maybe you are a little behind.
The answer to your garden woes is to purchase and plant drought tolerant species, which will save you heartache in the dry months and save your wallet from the water meter.
Most can be propagated VERY easily, simply break off a stalk, and make a small hole in soil (any kind of soil will do) place your stalk in the soil and cover the end with some soil.

Many Sedum plants are spreaders, meaning that you do not need to purchase many pots of them, but can easily divide a purchase, place small pieces of the plant where you want them to grow and they will increase in size and number over time. These will not give you blooms all summer, but they have interesting foliage that remains after the blooms and they provide our feathered friends with food in the form of their seed pods.
A landscaper’s favorite in this area is Liriope, which can be grown solid green or variegated if you like a little lime color in your landscape.
Creeping Juniper is a slow growing that requires very little maintenance, and has a pleasing blue toned color,=.
Ivy is very popular, and has so many varieties from heart shaped dark green leaves, to variegated smaller leaves of green and lime, or green and white. Begonias have succulent leaves and will bless your garden with flowers from May through the first frost. Marigolds are also hardy but don’t plant when the soil can still be cold, or during the wet season.
Write a comment if you have a favorite drought tolerant summer plant that needs to be added to the list!
The competition gives four BBC local radio listeners the chance to design a garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016 (5-10th July).
Open to amateur gardeners and aspiring garden designers in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, entrants are being asked to submit a front-garden design that celebrates their local community and highlights the health and well-being benefits of gardening. Four of the best designs, chosen by an esteemed judging panel, will go on to be built at the world-famous flower show in July, giving winners the opportunity to see their designs become a reality.
Entrants are also being asked to tie in a link to their BBC region or local area in some way, taking inspiration for example from the local heritage, buildings, foods, people, plants or another aspect of local life.
This year the Greening Grey Britain Campaign wants to raise awareness of the positive impact that gardens and gardening have on people’s health and happiness which is one of the themes entrants should consider in their design.
The four winners will also have the opportunity to visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to meet their mentors: Chelsea Gold medal-winning designer Ann-Marie Powell and established garden and landscape designer, writer and television presenter James Alexander-Sinclair. Show Manager at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Dave Green, comments that this is a fantastic opportunity for someone passionate about gardening and design to see their vision come to life as well as gaining expert advice and hands-on experience. This is a marvelous opportunity for aspiring garden designers and for those who want to make a positive difference to their environments.
Back again for a second encore, Victorian Vanities presents “You Only Die Once” This is a murder mystery Whodunit complete with props, prizes and costumes. This year, as one of my New Year Resolutions, I want to start a yearly savings plan to save money for a Christmas Cruise! You may have seen across the web a simple savings plan that starts with $1 dollar and adds a dollar each week. This is a great plan if you want to save for a bigger purchase or for Holiday Giving, but this is just not enough for the cruise that I want to take. Print out the chart that you want to follow or make your own using Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.
Time for All Things started when I realized that there are different times and seasons in my life to experience and accomplish different tasks. When food shortages struck San Francisco, wily entrepreneurs raided the dangerous Farallon Islands for protein-rich eggs from seabirds.
All these calendars including 2016 july calendar are given in various styles, colors and themes to suit all the people.
The former T4 presenter makes no bones about this being his first live sport gig, but says that there’s a reason the channel plumped for an entertainment presenter in the end.
The former BBC man also runs the production company responsible for Channel 4's F1 coverage, Whisper Films, so he's a key man for the channel's new coverage. Linda Werner of Orange County Cooperative Extension will share the broad range of uses of the lavender in gardening. There will be carnival rides and games, vendors, demos, exhibits, and live concerts, plus Demolition Derby and other events at the adjacent Speedway.
This year’s speaker, Stephanie Falsetta from Scents of the Valley in Montgomery, will discuss making goat milk soaps and uses for essential oils.
Food, DJ, games, entertainment, crime prevention tips, singing competition child fingerprinting, and more.
There will be health information, screenings, musical performances, corporate and not-for-profit exhibitors, safe car seat demonstrations, children’s activities, face painting, a strolling magician, raffles, fire safety information, and more.
If you’re looking for great storm-watching, these 5 hotspots are considered some of the best in the world! Just remember to play it safe. The great thing about Kansas is that the wide-open spaces let you watch as storms develop miles away from your storm-watching spot.
If you’re visiting the northwestern corner of the Panhandle or western Oklahoma, you’re more likely to see a good storm in July. Although this region is relatively flat, the mountains to the west have a strong influence over the weather in the eastern half of the state. Some areas in Florida, however, see as many as 100 thunderstorms per year, which means that on any given day, you have a one in four chance of catching a good storm.
Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando and Fort Meyers follow Lakeland, with between 80 and 90 stormy days each year. Her work has appeared in both print and online publications, and she specializes in home, garden, environmental and green living topics.
The squalls and thunderstorms blow up and bring black, roiling clouds, and lightning – which usually stay mid-Sound or across the Sound in Connecticut 6 miles away from us. If you time it right, you can have a fine dining experience with a thunderstorm raging all around you, then clearing and unlimited viability. Those comments that are vague or are simply submitted in order to promote a product, service or web site, although not necessarily considered "spam," are generally not approved.
These drought tolerant plants can keep your gardening lively during the hottest months of summer.
Most will bloom at some point with either bright yellow, white or even pink to red blossoms. We have found the smaller Stonecrop varieties of Sedum in our yard migrate to the cracks in our driveway, areas near our sidewalk and spaces in our large planting beds.
Another popular grass is monkey grass and black mondo grass, which can handle full sun or shade.
This plant can grow to be a pest, jumping its pot and climbing up trees and into your natural area. I made that error this year, and instead of nice bushy plants now, I have anemic sad flowers that I must replace (maybe with some begonias!).

Ann-Marie and James will be on hand to offer guidance to the four finalists in the lead-up to RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. My sister, who will be turning 50 this year, wants us all to cruise together to celebrate her birthday. By the time you have finished saving money for 52 weeks you will have saved a total of $1,378.
They were excited that they could save money throughout the year so I came up with a savings plan for kids as well. I was recreating my own and noticed on yours you have the $8 amount 5 times vice 4 and the $13 only 3 times.
Painter’s Restaurant, built in 1870 as the Elm Park Hotel and later known as the Cornwall Inn, has a long history as a Cornwall resort hotel and is still a functioning inn with seven rooms, a restaurant, art gallery, and Art Deco-style wood bar.
Guests will then have a three-course, herb-themed lunch catered by The Eagle’s Nest under a tent on the front lawn of Hill Hold Historic Homestead. There will be games for the kids, prizes, giveaways, and an information booth provided by the Orange County Health Department. Anyone wishing to set up a sale at Veterans Memorial Park must contact Liz at 845-386-1022.
The thunderstorms in this region are often accompanied by extreme high winds, large hail and tornadoes. Book a lodge in the Rockies during August for an excellent view of lighting striking the mountains.
Cold air masses from the north sometimes clash with tropical air from the south, which results in some spectacular storms. And, depending where you choose to stay, there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to watch storms moving in from the ocean, which means ample opportunities to catch a glimpse of lightning striking the water. Starting with the first edition of the Farmers' Almanac in 1818, readers used to nail holes into the corners to hang it up in their homes, barns, and outhouses (to provide both reading material and toilet paper). The leaves hold moisture for the plant (much like a cactus) so when its dry the plant does not wilt. This looks the same all year and requires very little maintenance (none, except maybe dividing it if you want more!). All grasses make perfect edging on borders, or can fill in an area where you want to see some texture and easy maintenance. This one requires some maintenance, though, as in late winter you must use a saw (or hire a crew) to chop it down to the ground to keep the plant healthy and to avoid die-off in the center. Leaves range from lime to a bronzed red and flowers are showy in white, red, yellow, or pink. The shorter varieties make excellent shows of color massed together, the taller ones, are great for cut flowers. Unfortunately, cruising can be very expensive when you factor in five tickets plus excursions, sight-seeing and souvenirs! But want to remark on some common items, The web site style is wonderful, the articles is truly excellent : D. There will also be a silent auction, a raffle for herb baskets, door prizes, shopping from a variety of herb plants and items from the Goosetown Gift Shop.
Any village resident planning to set up a sale at their house can contact Diane at 845-386-1251 to have their address listed on the official yard sale map. There’s something to be said for Mother Nature, who can elicit nostalgia even from her most ferocious events.
Throughout the month of July, these mountains experience a thunderstorm every day – sometimes twice per day!
Because of the area’s turbulence, you’re likely to see sudden high wind events and flash flooding in addition to ferocious thunderstorms.
In 1919, the Almanac's publishers began pre-drilling holes in the corners to make it even easier for readers to keep all of that invaluable information (and paper) handy.
They thrive in a variety of conditions from full sun to part shade, but the won’t do well in full shade. Officials told NPR that Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call before the attack.Over the past several days, Mateen legally purchased a long gun and a handgun, the ATF said during a news conderence.
The Orange County Sheriff Department will be promoting their free children ID program Operation Safe Child.
Better yet, find lodging with a great view so that you can watch nature’s fury without putting yourself in danger. Eastern Colorado’s storm season peaks in July, so if you plan a trip for the end of July and the first part of August, you can watch storms in both the eastern portion of the state and in the Rockies. That started my love for thunderstorms, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Twentynine Plams, CA, Mid-Michigan has some beautiful thunderstorms also.
My mother and I would sit on the front porch and watch thunderstorms while swinging on the porch swing. To ensure everyone’s safety the day of the sale, many streets will be one-way only, with parking allowed on only one side of the street.
After a nearly three-hour standoff, police stormed the building and killed the shooter.Authorities had initially said about 20 people died in the attack, but when they entered the building they found far more victims than they expected, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said.
The search shows that Mateen had a firearm license and he received a security officer license in both 2011 and 2013. The search did not turn up any criminal record.Two federal officials briefed on the Orlando shooting told NPR's Carrie Johnson that Mateen pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in a 911 call prior to the attack. He described how the events unfolded:"At approximately 0202 hours this morning, we had an officer working at Pulse nightclub, who responded to shots fired. At approximately 0500 hours this morning, the decision was made to rescue hostages that were in there."Police were being contacted by people trapped inside the nightclub, he said, and "our biggest concern was future loss of life.
ET tonight "to mourn the loss of life and pray for those still fighting for their life." All Major League Baseball clubs were holding a moment of silence to honor the victims, the MLB tweeted.
We will focus on reports from police officials and other authorities, credible news outlets and reporters who are at the scene.

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