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There are 85 million DIY gardeners in America, which is up 2% since 2011 per the National Gardening Association. There are 85 million DIY gardeners in America, which is up 2% since 2011 per the National Gardening Association.
Each year Garden Media Group releases its predictions for the top garden 642-902 trends of the coming year. All-America Selections is an independent, non-profit organization that tests new varieties then introduces only the best garden performers as AAS Winners.
When you purchase an AAS Winner, you know that it has been put through its paces by an independent, neutral trialing organization and has been judged by experts in their field.
Yet there it is: less than two months away and the 2014 trend reports are coming fast and furious. Although straight lines make harvesting easier and will never go out of style, geometric shapes like circles and triangles are currently in vogue, as are explosions of color in random patterns for the aesthetic thrill of it all.
Outdoor spaces do more double duty than ever – providing an oasis for mom, and a playground for the kids. Again, given the ever increasing focus on sustainability, many people are selecting native plants to grow and and some are even replacing their lawns with meadow-like designs. You might also begin to see native plants used as more of an outdoor design element such as rows of natives planted to complement a stark modern setting. Although bold colors like cayenne, marigold, and oranges are being shown this year, the emphasis is pairing brighter colors with neutrals and a balance of color using corresponding hues – not necessarily one bold color palette. Urban Farming can mean everything from growing a fruit tree in the garden, growing your own vegetables and herbs in containers, or even keeping your own chickens – a surprisingly popular trend in all regions.
Outdoor furniture continues to be sold in more transitional and contemporary looks as the lines between indoor and outdoor living blur, especially in temperate climates like San Diego. There’s a big increase in deep seating seen for 2014, with outdoor furniture set lower to the floor and featuring deeper cushions, lending itself to more relaxation than traditional patio furniture. Shrubs are back in vogue for providing borders because they’re reliable and easy to grow.
There’s a lot of cool options for lighting on the market, especially as used to accentuate outdoor rooms as mentioned in the first trend listed above. Outdoor lighting also gives homeowners longer use of their patios, decks and porches at night. Black fences are commonly seen used in Japanese-inspired gardens, but they’re beginning to step outside that box.
A black fence can also is a striking backdrop for plants, especially native plants with their gray-green colors.
Whether you decide to mix it up this year or stay status quo with your gardening and outside decorating, what trends have you loved in the past and what are you loving now? Note: These ranges are simply Ball-Park Figures and can vary up or down depending on many factors. Can you give me a "Ball-Park Estimate," in regards to how much a Paving Stone Driveway Installation might cost? Garden Media Group unveils its 2014 Garden Trends Reports and outlines 12 trends that will impact gardening habits in 2014. Garden Media Group has released its annual consumer trends report, identifying several major shifts in the marketplace and twelve trends that will impact gardening habits in 2014 and beyond.
According to the 2014 Garden Trends Report, consumers are spending more leisure time outdoors and not only “decorating” their homes, but their gardens as well. The rise of social trends, like lawn games, glamping, and garden parties, are fueling a record growth in garden furniture and accessories, driving demand for tabletop fountains, outdoor chandeliers, garden art, decorative birdfeeders, unusual planters and candleholders.

The report notes the worldwide gardening and outdoor living market is expected to increase yearly by almost 3.5% through 2016, when it should reach almost $220 billion. According to the 13th annual Garden Trends Report, people are beginning to truly understand the relationship between gardening and connecting with nature – and how this can lead to a fully satisfied, purposeful life. Celebrating 25 years, Garden Media ignites buzz for clients, offers innovative PR campaigns and secures top media placements and partnerships.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. In fact, the Natural Marketing Institute reports that organic farms are increasing at an amazing clip of 9% per year! It appears that people these days have been gravitating towards the garden– in everything from their leisure time to their decorating conquests. Super Foods, Super Models: Edibles are going to the next level with  foodies growing everything from quinoa to  CompTIA 220-801 exam dandelions in straw bales and keyhole gardens.
Drink Your Garden: People are drinking their gardens using such super foods from their gardens, like blueberries and raspberries to craft cocktails and green smoothies. Dress Up Your Yard: From decorative throw pillows to decorative insect traps and casino shabby-chic mason jar humming bird feeders, people want their yards to have a personal stamp.
Cultur-vating: Taking local to the next level, people are growing the world in their gardens, mixing cultures and embracing what is local to their own region. Simple Elegance: Think one color flower in an elegant container in an eco-chic, hand-cast planter.
Frac’d Up: Neat clean lines are out as explosions of color in fractional shapes like triangles, circles and squares dominate design. Think Gardens: Plants make us smarter, more productive and less stressed and are showing up in offices, schools and hospitals across the country.
Tree-mendous Reversal: Losing more than four million urban trees a year, Americans are being asked to plant trees. This year, it’s all about creating an inviting and livable space and bringing interior decorating outside. More integrated design offering spots for games, outdoor dining, and relaxation is on the rise. Along those lines, hanging plants and herbs in macrame hangers in the kitchen is supposed to be the trend for 2014. Marrying formal design elements with comfort and modern lines is classic transitional and so function-friendly sculpted backs, seats and arms combined with clean design is hot this season – and probably will be for years to come.
More versatile and casual deep seating groups are on the upswing with chat-height fire pits allowing people to gather around and talk, sectionals and expanding tables that can be customized for large dining groups. So this year? This year, cordless, energy-saving lamps growing in popularity due to their money-saving features, and  longer-life spans.
Black fencing provides a dramatic backdrop and gives a contemporary edge to modern homes, and is especially striking when contrasted with the white shutters or other elements of your home. She’s a partner in the video production company, Two Funny Brains, and contributes content to a variety of web sites, including Savvy Source, and The Trend Tribe. There may be additional discounts which your design consultant can review with you upon your Free At-Home Estimate.
They went with a Brand Named Company for the back Patio and went with Install-It-Direct for the driveway.
The only difference between the two projects was that the homeowner saved a lot of money the second go around by educating himself and selecting Install It Direct to complete his project.
In North America, where the market was flat for the past four years at $58 billion, annual growth is expected at one percent over four years.

People still want their outdoor spaces to look beautiful, but want to invest their time and money into high quality, eco-friendly products with a smaller carbon footprint. Looking ahead, Garden Media sees six balanced sets shaping greener lifestyle choices people are making for their homes, gardens and outdoor living. Super Foods, Super Models: Edibles are going to the next level with foodies growing everything from quinoa to dandelions in straw bales and keyhole gardens.
Individual global and garden trends for 2014 will be discussed in more detail every Thursday on the Garden Media blog, GROW! The boutique PR and marketing firm is known as the best in the home, garden, horticulture, outdoor living, and lawn and landscape industries. In addition, the sales of organic products are increasing at double digit rates.  If you want it organic, come in and let’s talk about how we can help! This report of consumer trends lays out the top 12 things to look for in 2014 so you can keep up with the the times and “Find Your Balance” in the garden this year. Bees are at forefront of environmentally aware consumers’ minds, inspiring them to plant native, pollen rich flowers, trees and veggies to provide safe shelters. They are grilling, growing their own hops for beer, and taking the kids out to play in the dirt. Superfoods some consider weeds because they grow wild include dandelion, lamb’s quarters, and nettle.
For other areas of your yard, LED lights can be placed under or above ground to illuminate dark corners, and foliage. Debbie's been featured in Writer's Digest, the San Diego Reader, and San Diego Magazine, and was named Top 25 blog by Red Tricycle, nominated for an InfluenceSD "Best in Lifestyle" blog award, and appeared on NBC, Fox, and The CW Network as a blogger spokesperson.
If you are in the market for artificial grass, this is the company you should do business with. I saw the same crew working on both projects, and noticed that they had different shirts on the second time around. He also ended up with a much better design, as all of our consultants are Professional Designers as opposed to "Salespeople" looking for a BIG commission check. This particular sealer locks in the joints to help prevent weeds or any other growth from occurring between the pavers. But now, they want the garden to do double duty: A Zen oasis and the social hub for entertaining. But now, they want the garden to do double duty: A Zen oasis and the social hub for entertaining,” says Katie Dubow, creative director of Garden Media. Plus, “Fermentation gardens are the new chickens,” says Rebecca Reed of Southern Living – people are growing hops for home-brewing, grapes for home-made wine. The annual Garden Trends Report is one of the most published garden studies in trade and consumer news.
Plant a tree – or care for one you have – this year and be part of this growing trend.
These are few of the many concerns of a lover of gardening who is in the lookout of trending gardening tips every season.
So if you’re interested in superfoods, but find their high cost prohibitive, growing your own is way more affordable.
These useful tips on the latest gardening trends will render a huge makeover to your dear garden.

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