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Grow fresh, fabulous plants and produce anywhere and anytime – indoors or out – regardless of temperature or growing season with a hydroponic garden. Whether you want an indoor garden or an outdoor garden, hydroponic gardening can give you outstanding results using a lot less space.
There are many ways to deliver the nutrient solution to the plants: from hand watering to aeroponics. Forest Mulch is chipped up trees pruning’s from clearing and tree lopping It is a combination of leaf, chip and twigs similar to the forest floor. You get all the benefits of hydroponic gardening, plus all the benefits of organic gardening. When plants don’t have to grow their roots down into the soil to "mine" for food, they use that extra energy to grow fast above the ground (or in this case, your container).

Contact our gardening experts at Urban Sunshine, and we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to keep conditions optimal at all times. Using the best quality soil we can source we blend our BFA registered organic fertilizer, mushroom compost and soil conditioner to produce this product. Imagine having the power to influence how sweet your strawberries are, or how potent your herbs are.
A pump inside the container sprays a very fine, highly oxygenated mist of nutrient solution onto the roots at precise times. The pure, natural ingredients of our organic gardening fertilizers boost the nutritional value, health, and flavor of your strawberries or other produce without any unwanted chemicals.
We help you pick out the right hydroponic garden system and teach you all the hydroponic gardening basics – from set up and plant food to harvesting amazing indoor plants.

Your plants’ nutrient needs change as they grow, and the plant food needs to change with them. Our pros at Urban Sunshine can show you exactly what you’ll need, and when to grow an indoor garden.

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