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In the last couple of Years we have being updating our Garden Plant & Tool Hire Range and feel now that we can offer up as Good as you will get in the Line of Quality and Choice with our Ever expanding range which Includes Wood Chippers and Shredders, Stump Grinders, high grass Mowers, Rotavators, lawn Scarifiers, Grass Strimmers, Pole pruning Saws, Hedge Cutters, Lawn Aerators, Garden rollers and Lots More.
Mentioned above is only scratching the Surface of what we offer to our Customers Plant & Tool  needs, so have a browse around and If You don’t find what your looking for on our site, please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will see can we help, If we get asked enough times for Something…… we usually end up Hiring it! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Made with tough polycarbonate clear lenses, this pair of impact-resistant safety glasses is designed to wrap around your face for maximum protection.
He swam from the islands across the Pacific, attacking a Japanese freighter, and then stomped across Panama.
Zilla appears in the beginning of "New Family - Part 1", the first episode of the TV-series. Zilla's appearance in the film was mainly as a take that to the 1998 film, as he is intentionally rendered using bad CG, and the fight between him and Godzilla lasts 13 seconds, as the shortest in the entire series.
Zilla is a major antagonist in the first two issues of the comic Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, where he comes ashore and attacks the city of Honolulu.
Zilla later reappears swimming in the waters around the Monster Islands in the thirteenth issue.

In the last issue, Zilla returns to join Godzilla and the other monsters in the battle against the Trilopods.
At the end of Issue 4 of the comic Godzilla: Oblivion, Zilla makes a brief appearance alongside Anguirus, Rodan, Biollante, King Caesar and Mothra.
It's easy to forget I'm wearing them because they are so clear and comfortable.Fits over my glasses. As the test was done in 1968, the creature (or perhaps species) grew over a period of approximately thirty years.
From there he traveled up the American Eastern Seaboard, where he sank several American fishing boats. He later returns in the episodes "Monster Wars, Part 2" and "Monster Wars, Part 3" as Cyber Zilla. Zilla is taken away by the Xiliens to give the illusion that they stopped him, and is later unleashed by X to battle Godzilla. We Specialise in A Wide range of Plant and Tool to Cater for the Construction Industry and DIY Hire enthusiast alike, These Items Include Drill’s, Kangos, Con Saws, Concrete Mixers, Concrete preparation equipment,A full Range of Mini Plant Including Diggers, A Range of Dumpers, Rollers, Compressors, Access Hoists, Scissor Lifts, Generators, Pressure Washers, Ladders, Alluminium towers etc All Available to Hire Now. His irradiated genes caused him to achieve a height of over sixty meters (about two-hundred feet).

Zilla is defeated rather quickly by Godzilla himself, who sends him flying into the Sydney Opera House and finishes him off with his atomic breath.
After Godzilla managed to destroy it, Zilla follows him into the sea along with the other monsters. So if you are looking for a Good Deal, contact one of the lads in Sales & service and we will be Happy to Help. However, he had laid at least a hundred eggs in Madison Square Garden (an arena in Midtown Manhattan), which hatched and filled the Garden with hundreds of baby Zillas. However, Zilla then revealed himself to have survived, and chased the heroes through New York across the Brooklyn Bridge, where he became entangled in the suspension cables. He was then killed by F-18's (although later on, in the sequel TV series, he was resurrected as a cyborg by the Tachyons, this cyborg variant appeared during the monster wars story arc which was very similar to the general plot of Destroy All Monsters and Godzilla: Final Wars).

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