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Give your plants the start they deserve in life by using our 17-inch rolled rim poly planter.
Attractive fern green finish will enhance the beauty of your plants in your home, garden or patio. Fairy Gardens {also known as miniature gardens} are a fun way to show your creativity in a small space.
A They are tolerant ofA  any soils, dry sunny positions and pollution, but as their branches are brittle should be sheltered from strong winds. Preparing the soil before planting allows you to make sure that conditions are right for your plant.To encourage good root growth the soil surrounding the planting hole needs to be good enough to entice the roots out from the planting hole. Dig your hole deep enough to allow the surface of the root ball to be level with the surrounding soil.
Refill the hole, carefully making sure that soil goes between the roots eliminating any air pockets.

For the first two seasons for trees, watering is all important in getting the tree established.
Extreme weather conditions have a profound effect on newly planted trees, both heavy rainfall or dry very hot weather. Following the manufacturers instructions use a fertiliser such as Fish, Blood & Bone, Tomorite, Growmore or Miracle-Gro All Purpose, to help your trees grow and survive the winter. Mildew proof and chip and crack resistant exterior make it a low maintenance planter that will not need to be quickly replaced quickly, so you can avoid having to do frequent transplants. The upper sepal of each flower resembles the hood worn by medieval monks or a large helmet, hence the common names of Monkshood and Helmet Flower.
Improve the fertility of the soil by incorporating fertilisers such as Fish, Blood & Bone, Growmore or Vitax Q4. Making sure you plant is well watered, remove it from the pot and gently tease the roots out from the root ball.

Light rain in summer does not penetrate down to the roots and dry windy conditions will lead to water shortages for the plants. Every day use a watering can with a rose, or a sprinkler to copy the effect of rain, watering slowly to allow the roots time to absorb the water. Ideally you should improve a fairly large area around your plant, for larger shrubs and trees this could be up to 2-3m(6.5-10ft) in diameter. Try to anticipate water loss rather than waiting for the plant to show signs of stress, such as brown, dry or wilted leaves. Mulching will help in both controlling weeds and grass but also in keeping in the moisture in the soil.

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