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Spring is just around the corner, yet your pond water is still too cold for most pond plants to be even sending up new sprouts. Finally, if you have fish we recommend keeping your pump running during the winter, even though you don’t have to. These are just a few of the great plants we have available along with statues and unique creative decorative pieces.
PONDS AND FREEZING TEMPERATURES So the temperature has dropped to freezing or below, and my pond is beginning to look more like an ice skating rink. With the fish taken care of, now is a good idea to trim and remove any dying plant material as it appears, so it does not add to debris build up and will most likely provide more blooms the following summer if properly fertilized. KEEP OUR FINNED FRIENDS HAPPY IN SPRING Once again spring has arrived and it’s time to think about our ponds and the coming summer months. PLANNING A KOI POND SYSTEM Hello, I would like to touch base with you a little bit about planning a Koi pond system. As much as we may not want to think about it, our days are getting shorter and our nights are beginning to get cooler. If you are looking for that special plant that gives color and flowers all winter long, don’t overlook the Water Hawthorn. Many lily-like aquatics such as hydrocleys (water poppy) and nymphoides (yellow water snowflake) look similar to lilies but have much smaller leaves and flowers.
Floating plants like water lilies and four leaf clovers make a beautiful presentation in your pond. Controlling algae is a key factor in maintaining your natural pond balance, and the first thing to remember is not all algae is created equal.
SPRING CLEANING Pond season is just around the corner and the time is here to think about spring cleaning. When performing regular interval maintenance, I recommend starting with a visual inspection: looking for correct temperature, salinity, water flow and general appearance and operation of your system.
Our "Serenity medium" swimming pool waterfall Kits are excellent for the do-it-yourself people looking to create their own tropical water garden paradise. These decorative waterfall rocks are made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that looks completely natural and realistic. We have added cool product options for additional artificial rock collections and pond ideas to enhance your water garden pleasures. Make sure that the water-source feeding your waterfall can be shut off when doing a shock treatment as excessive levels of chlorine can cause slight discoloration of faux rocks. If a complete kit is not required,take a look at our pool waterfallsavailable without the edge rocks.
2 metre and 4 metre black plastic pond liner for sealing leaking fish ponds or water features. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. PLEASE NOTE: This product has not been tested for indoor applications,and is recommended for outdoor use only. PLEASE NOTE: This product is custom made at the time of order and as such is normally not returnable except in warranty situations. Please Note: With the circular liners, there may be some pleats manufactured into the walls depending on the size ordered. EIA Liner is a premium product in both quality and price to the polypropylene liner option above. Our box-welded liners are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 25 years from the day of purchase.
While being inexpensive, preformed plastic liners are made from a lower quality material compared to  box welded polypropylene liners. Because of it's high puncture resistance, this liner doesn't need a protective underlayment if being placed on regular soil or sand. The term dwarf conifer refers to the fact that many varieties will not grow to the size of the normal parent. You can use this Easy Pro pond aerator on small ponds that are 1200 gallons, or less for a great way to aerate, and get your pond water moving. Recently we started carrying some new products to deter all types of predators.  Here is a list of them. When the pond decreases to the lower 70s (0F), it’s good time to switch your fish food to a wheat germ base that is more easily digested. In northern climates when temperatures get below 600F, tropical plants should be brought inside or disposed of, along with surface and submersed plants.
It would be worthwhile to list just what we and our Koi require of the system in order to incorporate everything into your design. Even as the pond season slowly winds down, there are still lots of things the water gardener can do to keep his green thumb wet. With colder weather approaching, we want to clean up all the dead and decaying plant material.
With a growth habit similar to a water lily (many oval long stemmed leaves), it has flowers that are V shaped and white and is a very attractive plant for the long cold winter. They are especially well suited to patio pool gardens and smaller ponds, with a recommended planting depth of 6? to 12?. They also help to blend the water into your landscape, and play a key role in balancing the water chemistry. Spring is an excellent time to lower the water and vacuum the bottom after giving it a brisk scrubbing on the sides.
The larger Serenity pool waterfalls were so popular that this medium size Serenity pool waterfall kit was created for smaller size pools.
We can sometimes take returns on very common sizes, but please check with us before ordering to see if a certain size is eligible for a return. We can usually have an order shipped out within 4 - 6 business days after receiving the order, and for any size listed above, free shipping is included.
It is around twice as strong and twice as puncture resistant as polypropylene mentioned above (which itself is already a strong liner).
That's easy - the EIA liner if you can afford it since it is stronger and easier to work with… but if you can't or are looking to save a little money, go for the polypropylene liner which is also a very reliable product. It will increase the oxygen level in the water and help break down organic waster in your pond.
One of my favorite plants the Gunnera Manicata can make you feel like a dinosaur is just lurking around its leaves. 1)Heron Stop is a product that gives you the equipment to protect your pond and fish using an invisible thread with little bells that you string across the pond & secure with stakes.
This is also the time when we get an increase in bad bacteria which can cause problems for the pond inhabitants.
They are one of the first plants we have to offer but don’t worry, there will be more as the months get warmer and spring is upon us.
I recommend a rubber liner if using a container like a whiskey barrel, but you really can use anything that holds water.

For example, focus your attention on autumn plant care to savor the remaining water garden season, or give some extra attention needed to properly winterize your plants. As we move into fall and winter, it’s a good idea to skim as much debris as possible off the surface of your pond. We still have a lot of beautiful pond plants available for your enjoyment: wonderful Lotus, big flowering Canna’s, free flowing grasses, and creeping plants for your water feature.
Yellow water snowflake flowers ( May through September) have fringed yellow flowers with leaves that have distinct ruffled edges with burgundy green blotches. We have a large selection of pond plants that sink down in the pond but grow on the surface. Pot up your plants in a heavy humus-rich garden soil in round nursery containers, and cover your soil surface with small gravel to keep soil from floating away. Surface algae species, which stay very short and coat underwater surfaces, are very beneficial to pond life. If you have a large holding area, you can do a complete drain, clean, vacuum and refill with fresh water. For example, purchase some Barley Straw products to begin algae control before algae has a chance to take hold. Also this beautiful pool waterfalls kit comes with a main waterfall rock and two custom edge rocks for a total length of 110". The Serenity waterfall kits is to be an excellent addition to your outdoor or indoor pool decor, and will surely be the centerpiece of all your backyard get-togethers.
Look for hues of pink red, blue or purple as the cones form.  Some conifers will even change color in the cold winter months taking on shades of yellow, bronze or plum. Gunnera Manicata, also known as Giant Rhubarb, is an exciting pond plant that we carry at Aqua Serene. 2)The Brilliant pyramid floats on top  of the pond surface sparkling & reflects the light frightening the heron.
These next few months is the premium time for clean-outs, looking at conditions of hose(s), fitting and connections, filters, pumps.
For the health of the equipment as well as the pond inhabitants, we recommend to keep pumps plugged in and running to keep water moving, which often prevents plumbing and pump damage. It’s just about impossible to keep netting every leaf out by hand, and it saves a lot of time.
A plastic or terra cotta pot, or even a ceramic Vietnamese pot like those we sell here at the store.
As a guide, the best tool to use is a good thermometer to monitor the temperature of your pond. The Live-bearing Snail from Malaysia, however, can be a contributing member of your miniature water world.
The water poppy flowers (July and August) have small round upright leaves which contrast beautifully with bright yellow flowers. The selection of Koi may be the best of the season, with many colors to choose from and some of the nicest Butterfly Koi I have seen for a while. I recommend adding an algaecide- or more importantly, some live beneficial bacteria, to jumpstart the biological filter if you’re doing a major cleaning. Most any filter pad will mechanically trap suspended particles, but many of them stop there. This can be done in about five minutes and may affect decisions as to how much of a water change, or replacing or cleaning of filter media. Barley Straw products are an excellent method of algae control and come in liquid, pellets or small Barley Straw bales. Our swimming pool waterfalls kit comes with a 1.5 inch (40mm) water outlet fitting that can be hooked up to your existing pool pump.
On sizes smaller than 10', there will some pleating required, with more pleats being required as the size decreases. EIA liner is also NSF certified for holding drinking water meant for human consumption (potable water).
A witches’ broom is a random growth in a tree which has denser branching, smaller needles and often a different color than the parent tree. The plant can become an impressive talking point since their leaves are known to get up to nine feet wide! 3)Pond Protector is a heavy duty UV resistant netting that stretches across the pond in an arch protecting the fish. Also, keeping an eye on pond temperatures and feeding can go a long way in keeping the pond healthy. If you have livestock, doing major operations will be more tolerable in moderate temperatures.
For our fishy friends, all we need is to keep the ice from completely covering the surface of the pond which would prevent adequate oxygen exchange. You can feed 2-3 times a day what they’ll eat in 5 minutes or less, then remove any excess food.
During the summer, it is quite possible to have pond temperature rising to 70+ degrees and we know that oxygen levels fall as temperatures rise. Fill your container with water & let it sit overnight to come to a reasonable temperature, and to give the chlorine or any other additives in your water supply,  a chance to dissipate.
At about 450 – 500F, we recommend minimal feeding (about 2-3 times per week) of a high quality, wheat germ based food which the fish can actually digest.
We have creepers, and floating plants, exotic Gunnera and Papyrus – all for your pond or garden. This is important so you avoid potentially introducing noxious pest plants into neighboring natural waterways. Suspended algae can take over your pond and turn it pea-soup green when the water chemistry is out of balance.
For example, the 6' diameter size will have a pleat in the seam between the wall and floor every foot or so. However, the main advantage from our point of view is the ability for us to use a slightly different welding method which takes the reliability up another notch.
The Gunnera Manicata is an herbaceous perennial that can reach up to eight feet in height and thirteen feet in width. Don’t wait until its’ one hundred degrees out, as significant water changes are harder on fish then.
It is recommended that you keep a hole chipped through the ice should the entire surface freeze over. Once the water temperature falls to 500F, the bacteria in a fish’s digestive system are no longer able to process food efficiently. The available oxygen will be toward the upper level of the pond while all the beneficial bacteria and any other bottom critters end up starving for oxygen and dying at the bottom. At this point you could add a few rocks, or a terra cotta pot with a rock inside, to create a hiding place for your livestock should you want to add any. When pond temperature reaches about 500 – 600F, we recommend you continue using a high quality wheat germ based food with more regularity (3-6 days per week).

Remove dead or decaying leaves so they do not make their way into your water garden; rotting plant material can compromise water quality.
We have the answers to your questions and an unbeatable selection of fish, plants and supplies. The accumulation of muck or sludge at the bottom of your pond can also contribute to unwanted algae. If you were to cut a dirty poly-pad in half, you would see that all the way through the material, it has absorbed toxins- unlike most pads that only work on the outer, visible areas.
If you're looking for a completely smooth finished surface, it may be best to buy one of the larger sizes. In early summer they have a bloom of tiny red-green flowers in conical branched panicles followed by a small spherical fruit. 5)The Blue Heron decoy is a life like replica of a Blue Heron & because Blue Herons are territorial by putting one near or in the pond the Blue Heron keeps on moving on. Another way to do the same thing is to purchase a “Pond Deicer” which will keep your pond from completely freezing over.
All the fish waste, decaying plants matter, and dying algae all compete for available oxygen. Once we reach a steady 600+ it is fine to be feeding daily with any high quality koi pellet. If all these things are incorporated correctly, you should be well on the way to producing a very efficient garden aquarium and the best tools we can have to keep your water properly. Hardy water lilies and lotus can be sunk down in deep water for the winter season as long as your pond does not freeze solid. Although there are many effective chemical controls available today, I prefer to use natural methods for controlling algae. In a balanced pond, sufficient oxygen and beneficial bacteria exist to convert waste as quickly as it becomes available, so that toxic ammonia and nitrites do not build up.
If this seems like too much work, but you still want to enjoy a healthy pond, give Aqua Serene a call and we would be happy to do it for you. If you're not worried about pleats for your particular application, then the smaller sizes are a great product from a functional point of view.
This is done with a different piece of equipment which drastically lowers the likelihood of human error while welding the liner together. Above 650F, we recommend any high quality food fed in amounts your fish will consume in 5 minutes. Deicers are not be used to warm the pond but to just keep a small area open for oxygen exchange. Adding aeration to the bottom of any pond will greatly improve the dissolved oxygen levels as well as prevent stratification within the water column. In this case I would forgo planting a water lily or water lotus (they don’t like to be splashed with water constantly) and add some oxygenating water plants like water hyacinth or parrots feather. Please stop by anytime with your questions so we can discuss the best ways to keep your pond, and its inhabitants, as healthy and happy as possible. Floating plants such as water hyacinth or water lettuce can be very effective, because they shade the water surface and their roots compete for the same nutrients as algae.
Enough plants can devour the converted nutrients symptoms of unbalanced water, including that soupy pea-green appearance called an “algae bloom,” which results from excess nutrients and sunlight. A good thorough cleaning is important for maintaining a healthy pond for your finned friends, and yourself, to enjoy! When planting one, remember how large these plants can get to make sure you have enough space to house these monsters. If you have a skimmer, it’s not as dangerous to go “without a net” but the skimmer’s net should be checked and debris emptied out daily.
For the health of all of your pond inhabitants, it may be good to consider all the benefits of added aeration. Tropical plants: These should be brought inside and cared for as house plants in the spring.
Adding submerged plants and beneficial bacteria or a shade source takes care of the problem, usually within a few weeks. If you get one at a young age, remember to cut it back and mulch around and over the base when it starts getting cold out for the first couple years.
If your pumps have quit running due to a freeze, it is recommended you unplug the equipment and wait for the thaw while keeping an eye on any plumbing for leaks. Place an upturned saucer into your tank and put 3-5 Tetramin tablets, or other sinking food available at our store, upon the saucer. A UV uses a special florescent lamp of a particular wavelength to irradiate the microorganisms and make them unable to reproduce. Once the plant has become well established the mulching is not completely necessary anymore, but it never hurts.
A pond heater does not actually heat the pond but instead keeps its immediate area from freezing. The effectiveness of any UV is dependent on what is called “dwell time.” Dwell time is the amount of time the microorganism remains exposed to the light. Take a water lily from its pot and spread the lily’s roots and soil gently in the container. While many plants do fine in summer, non-hardy plants rarely survive in winter outside their zone without special care. As a general rule, a slower flow rate is desired to control bacteria and algae and a slightly higher flow rate is required for parasites. Come on in and check out our great selections and while you are here, check out all the fine accessories we have to offer.
When it gets below 400F, then the main pump can be removed, and filters thoroughly cleaned.
We have a great product here already made up and ready to go; or you can also use kitty litter along with soil. When properly used, UV can be a very beneficial addition to help control unwanted algae, bacteria and parasites. It will lower the temperature of the entire pond too low for fish to survive and can force them to use up all their stored fat just trying to stay still.
If you are considering a UV, come on down and we can discuss any issues and answer your questions.
Just because it seems like the pond will be “sleeping” for a while, doesn’t mean it will look ugly. Place a small amount of pea gravel over the potting material (this will keep the potting material from making a big mess) and around the lily plant also.

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