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Tags: ec, ec stickers, erin condren, erin condren planner, garden, gardening, kiss cut stickers, life planner, Paper Goods, planner, planner sticker, planner stickers, sampler, Sticker. These cute cartoon gardening stickers are great for decorating your planner or reminding you of times to garden!
You can order multiple sticker sheets and we do NOT charge extra postage for each additional. They are printed on high quality paper and with long lasting inks and precision kiss cut for accuracy, ready to peel and stick to your planner pages. Matte stickers: This is the standard paper finish, matte finish and easily writable with all sorts of pens and pencils. Glossy stickers: Nice glossy finish, can be writable with a sharpie, The adhesive is non-removable. ContactLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cum erat vidit ceteros no, mei ea omnium fabellas reprehendunt.

With their rainbow of colors and long bloom season, annuals are naturals for container gardens. They are perfectly sized to fit in the weekly boxes of your Erin Condren planner, Plum Paper planner, Filofax or really any other planner where you can customize with event stickers and reminder stickers. Colors appear more vibrant on glossy paper as it behaves more like photo paper for color saturation. You can put it together in a workshop, then carry it assembled (with a few sturdy helpers) to its final destination.
Shrubs or small trees add structure to a group of containers, while vines can form cool, leafy screens.Containers come in a dazzling array of shapes, colors, and materials. You'll need to rip a few boards into smaller sizes; you can use a table saw or ask the lumberyard to do it. Quick drainage means roots won't run the risk of suffocating in soggy soil; good moisture retention saves you from having to water constantly.

A better bet is one of the packaged potting mixes sold at nurseries and garden centers.WateringBecause they have only a limited amount of soil from which to draw moisture, container-grown plants require more frequent watering than those grown in the ground.
In hot or windy weather, some (especially those in hanging baskets) may need watering several times a day; in cool weather, it may be sufficient to water weekly or even less often. Check the soil in the containers and water when the top inch or two is dry.To water thoroughly, apply water over the entire soil surface until it flows out of the pot's drainage holes. This moistens the entire soil mass.FertilizingBecause the necessary frequent watering leaches nutrients from potting mix, container plants need regular feeding. Apply a liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks; or mix a controlled-release fertilizer into the potting mix before planting.

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