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Gravel paths are an attractive feature in your garden and to an certain extent can even be a security measure as the noise it makes will prove a deterrent to intruders. The first thing to do is mark out your path using string then along the edges cut through the turf with a spade all the way along. Certainly we do believe with all the pictures of outdoor patio with fire pit above you might can not find what your need. Step-By-Step Instructions:Step 1In a well-ventilated area, spray-paint the exterior of the pots white and the underside of each drain plate in a contrasting color. Step 2For the dots on the mushroom tops, dip a round sponge or spouncer in white acrylic paint.
Step 3Repeat Step 2, making several randomly placed white dots on each painted drain plate. Step 5To assemble the mushrooms, center a drain plate, painted side up, on top of each upside-down pot. If they serve a purpose beyond color decoration and something else to clean, might be worth the investment of time, energy, and money.
You could also put a roof on your stumps and paint them to look like birdhouses or fairy houses. More Backyard ProjectsDIY Miniature PondCreate a calming oasis on your patio with an easy, mini pond.

Caterpillar Bowling Ball ArtGarden visitors will be bowled over by this very friendly bowling ball art. All images or other materials were taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain. Gravel paths are relatively easy to lay for the home DIY enthusiast and are also pretty cheap. We have tree stumps in our grove area left over after a wind and rain took down 17 of our trees. If by any chance it violates your copyright, we will delete it immediately upon presented proof. However the path does need regular maintenance as weeds will soon grow up through the gravel if it is not maintained properly. The next step is to make an edge to prevent the surrounding lawn  and earth falling into the path, while at the same time stop the gravel spilling onto the lawn.
Finally start to lay the path with your choice of gravel and go over the whole length with a rake, rolling and smoothing the gravel until the surface is even and firm. When you are planning to make some constructing and decorating for your garden or yard, have you considered trying those wonderful brick projects? The gravel should sit just below the top of the edging when finished and should last for years to come with just some minor attention to aggressive weeds over time.

You can acquire Backyard Patio Ideas With Gravel Picture guide and see the latest This Wonderful Backyard Patio Ideas With Gravel Will Relaxing You in here.
When you decide to decorate your outdoor patio with fire pit, you will need some awesome ideas. But if you still hard to do that, just simply discuss it with your landscape contractor and give them your own point of view.
You will find those ideas from the pictures below that already filtered based on decent design. You can of course also use cast concrete edging which is more decorative and longer lasting but also more expensive and time consuming to lay.
You can see them on a backyard waterfall,herb spiral garden, simple fire place and even a birdbath stand. Scroll down, and you will find a lot of amazing ideas on cool garden and yard brick projects.

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