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If you’d rather water, weed, prune and harvest than spend time at a computer, a career with plants may sound alluring. Floral designers create arrangements of live, dried and artificial flowers and greens for decorative displays.
A landscape architect applies design principles to grounds and spaces around homes, buildings and parks.
Horticulture Knowledge - Some knowledge of horticulture and demonstrated care for plants, etc.
Manual Dexterity - This job requires the repeated and coordinated use of your arms, hands, wrists, and fingers to use spray bottles, gardening shears, watering cans, and manually weed plants.
Oral Comprehension - Demonstrated ability to understand and follow verbal instructions and ideas. Location - If you work in a plant nursery, you will typically be working outdoors, therefore, you will need to like working in the sun. Noise Level - The noise level will be fairly quiet as there typically won’t be a lot of people around.
Amount of Movement - This job typically requires that you stand for long periods of time and may involve heavy manual labor. Cleanliness and Odors - This job setting can get messy as you will be working with plants, flowers, shrubs, water, soil, and dirt. Work Attire - Work attire will typically be casual clothing as you will most likely get dirt on your clothes. There is wheel chair access to most areas (not the Secret Garden) as well as disabled toilets.
Admission to the garden is A?3.00 and accompanied children under 5 are free (children over 5 cost A?1).
Sorry no dogs allowed in the gardens and children's play area but very welcome on the nursery. Keep up-to-date with all our news, events and special offers by following our Facebook page. We will be moving the nursery to a new site near Nassington open to the public where you can come and browse at your leisure. Gardenwise plants produce a wide range of usual and unusual perennials for sale and use in our designs and planting schemes.
Alternatively come and see us at one of the specialist plant fairs we will be attending this year, you can also collect any pre-ordered plants there.
View the plants in our display garden and book onto one of our friendly workshops to learn how to get the best from your garden. Most plants are in 2 litre pots and cost A?5.00 each, a few choice plants may be a little more. Please use the form to place orders or phone 07787 243 485 or 01780 450 420 for enquiries. The countrya€™s largest county show held over two days exhibiting all the countryside has to offer including a large and impressive floral marquee exhibiting a wide selection of plant nurseries.
A timeless village garden show all be it on a very large scale set in the grounds of the beautiful Sandringham estate. We exhibited in the specialist floral marquee alongside some of the best nurseries the eastern region has to offer. So 2013 was a good start with a dabble into creating floral exhibits, we will be back in Norfolk again this year and display at these two shows. City lots where abandoned houses have been demolished aren't the green acres that evoke visions of a bucolic life. Yet in urban neighborhoods through the region, women -- and they are mostly women -- are turning what had been blighted lands back into fertile ground. It is a sector of farming that was mostly passed over by 2012 Census of Agriculture, released Friday by the U.S.
One of those people is Mindy Schwartz, who has dreams of creating an oasis in Wilkinsburg that will help revitalize the neighborhood. In the spring, she set up a rack in her basement near the warm steam boiler, and hooked grow lights to shelving. Bob Madden, 34, of Swissvale and Hannah Reiff, 31, of North Braddock work at the urban farm full time, planting the seedlings and replanting once they reach a certain size, moving them outside to covered greenhouses that limit the tender plants' exposure to the cold and the sun.
Stewart Ramsey, an agricultural economist for IHS Global Insights in Philadelphia, said the USDA has a number of sources of information to find farms in rural areas.
Land in the rural areas is also double-checked by census takers who drive the roads looking for any farms they may have missed. One of them sits on a hilltop in Garfield, with a view of Oakland and the Pittsburgh skyline, once the site of urban blight.
He said he sees a future in urban farming if only because, on the train from Philadelphia to Delaware, he sees acres and acres of blighted land, covered with abandoned buildings. The farm is just one of the strategies that the collective, which also operates a boutique for its artists and a small business incubator, is using to bring economic opportunities to the neighborhood.
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Armstrong Garden Center in Santa Monica is the best nursery in the city, and I have been to them all! Armstrong Garden Centers has garden experts that can come speak to your organization or group on nearly any garden topic from waterwise gardening to planting a container garden.
Click the button below to fill in a request form to get started; once we can confirm your preferred date an associate from your nearest Armstrong Garden Centers store will contact you to finalize. If you have any other questions please send us a note on our contact page or get in touch with your local Armstrong. Local Schools Armstrong Garden Centers, Santa Monica is proud to support Community Magnet Charter School, Santa Monica Alternative School House, Castle Heights Elementary School and George Washington Carver Middle School with our Grow Strong! Come shop for the largest assortment of annuals, perennials and herbs available in flats or pots. The anticipation of long, warm summer days during July at Brookside Nursery, inevitably means the most important task during July for all gardeners, involving watering, feeding and yet more watering!
July is the month where a little bit of everything in the plant world is either on its way out (yellowy straggly leaves from spring bulbs and Violas), in full flower looking at its peak (Roses, Lavender & Honeysuckle), or on its way in (Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, maturing fruits).
Regularly deadhead roses, summer bedding plants and hanging basket plants.  This will keep them looking at their best and promote more flowers. Watering too much as well as watering too little can be just as damaging so ensure your plants are getting the right amount.
If you have homemade compost that is ready to use, mulch plants after watering to hold in moisture.
Chop the leaves of nettles and put them onto the compost heap to give it a nitrogen rich boost.
Hoe around vegetable plants to keep weeds down before they become bigger than the plant and take all the nutrients. New lawns need to be watered if the weather is dry as they need to establish in the first year.
Older lawns will benefit from a summer feed to keep them looking at their best.   A general all round feed is best but if you have to treat for moss or weed then use a combined feed and killer.  Unfortunately weedkiller kills wildflowers too so if you want daisies in your lawn, think again!
Cuttings of hydrangeas, cotoneasters, fuchsias and pelargoniums can be taken in July as the warmer weather will encourage vigorous root growth and give new plants a good head start before winter. Blanket weed and dead foliage ie fallen leaves and decaying lily leaves, need to be removed before they sink to the bottom of the pond. July means sunshine, long days and plentiful supplies of home grown produce like strawberries, spinach, herbs, summer salad crops, potatoes and early fruiting tomatoes if you are lucky, so enjoy July and all its bounty and beauty!
Plenty of jobs that require varying levels of education and skill may appeal to those with green thumbs.
At homes, parks and businesses, these workers mow lawns, prune shrubbery or trees, weed, plant seedlings, or apply chemicals and fertilizers. They plant crops and flowers, prune fruit trees and bushes, irrigate crops, pick fruits and vegetables, and loading crops for shipment. Many also create displays of potted plants, and help customers choose accessories and arrangements for funerals, weddings and holidays.
The goal is a functional and harmonious landscape that is visually pleasing and might have other benefits, such as absorbing storm water runoff or helping to cool buildings. They take care of the plants and flowers, and the overall maintenance of the greenery in their work area. Although many employers prefer that you have previous experience in the same or similar area of employment, it is strongly encouraged that you apply anyways if you have the required education and skills. If you work in a greenhouse, you may not be exposed to direct sunlight, but you will still be working in an area that is hot and humid. Most nurseries are open from morning to evening, and will have varied hours depending on the type of workplace in which you are employed. You will need to be able to stand, sit, walk, bend, reach, lift, push, pull, and carry items for this job. In addition, if you are required to spray pesticides onto greenery, you will need to make sure you can tolerate the smell of pesticides.
You can take this quiz to get suggestions about jobs that may match your general interests.
Only items purchased from the tearoom can be consumed in the play area but not in the main gardens.
We put together a slightly wild, natural planting display using sun bleached and twisted dead stags headed oak branches as a central sculpture surrounded by a very diverse range of plants arranged to create multiple layers of planting, so the longer you looked the more you could see. These places don't match the averages seen in the census review of Pennsylvania, where the typical farm covers 130 acres. Schwartz, 49, built raised garden beds and began growing produce -- more than she could eat. Schwartz said her goal for the business, which is paying salaries to the workers, is to stop losing money. Reilly, the administrator of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, said one of the tasks his staff has to accomplish is to figure out a better way to include urban farms in the agricultural census. Most, for instance, participate in government programs for insurance, or the farmers already provide information for USDA monthly surveys.

Even now from the road -- where two empty homes still sit on the land -- it is hard to imagine that behind the overgrowth is Healcrest Farm, a woman-owned farming collective that has taken over seven lots. Graziani learned about community development in Garfield working for the Bloomfield-Garfield Corp. Reiff said maybe once or twice a year a youngster running through might knock something over. The Ujamaa Collective, a group of women, is now developing a vegetable farm on 17 acres that once held a public housing complex on Bedford Avenue.
Garden talk locations must be within 5 miles from a Armstrong Garden Centers location and we ask that there be at least 12 people in attendance.
Our courteous staff provides assistance and expert advice on annuals, perennials, shrubs, mulch and fertilizers. Displayed in and around the greenhouses, you will find beautifully arranged hanging baskets and pots. Seasonal items such as Christmas trees, beautifully hand-crafted wreaths, grave blankets, and other novelty items are also available. Slightly more than one-quarter of floral designers -- also called florists -- were self-employed in 2012, according to the BLS, while the remainder worked in retail businesses, such as grocery stores and flower shops.
Most landscape artists use computer-assisted design in their planning, but they also participate in or direct planting activities.
For example, you may need to lift a large potted plant into a wheelbarrow and pull the wheelbarrow to a designated area to remove the plant.
Schwartz purchased the abandoned building behind her and hopes to renovate it to use on the farm. The census counted 59,309 farms in Pennsylvania, but did not account for a trend that's been developing over the past decade -- urban farms sprouting where neighborhoods have been hollowed out.
Department of Agriculture, is an agricultural enterprise that has $1,000 in revenues a year. She learned about farming by volunteering with Mildred's Daughters, a Stanton Heights urban farm, and learned about medicinal herbs by working with herbalists. At Healcrest, there are small tears in the plastic of the greenhouse where youngsters tried to peek in.
My favorite part of the job is helping customers have a positive experience at my store and helping them find success in their gardening and horticultural pursuits. We understand that care is needed for a beautiful lawn and we are dedicated to your concerns about its maintenance and proper care. Expert suggestions on when to plant, fertilize & water to get the most from your lawn and garden. You’ll be outside at all times of the year, although work can be seasonal in regions.
Formal training is typically not required; many agricultural workers receive on-the-job training.
People approach those lots with little or no knowledge of agriculture but a sense that, by restoring the land, they can restore a community.
The farm is staffed by two full-time farmers and a seasonal worker on land that once held two dilapidated houses. They are likely to tap into other innovative ways to grow food in an urban environment, such as converting warehouse space for hydroponics, or putting greenhouses on flat rooftops to grow lettuce.
Free Garden Talks Armstrong Garden Centers has garden experts that can come speak to your organization or group on nearly any garden topic. Include the measurement and exposure, and our experts will design a beautiful planting for you.  You can dig and plant yourself or hire our capable gardeners. Some states require a license to apply pesticides, and you also have the option to become certified through the Professional Landcare Network. Job opportunities in agricultural occupations are projected to decrease 3 percent from 2012 to 2022.
Demand for this profession should be about average, according to the BLS, at 14 percent from 2012 to 2022. Demand for this occupation is projected to be 13 percent from 2012 to 2022, according to the U.S. Demand is projected to be very low, according to the BLS, with an 8 percent decline from 2012 to 2022. Schwartz owns a third, boarded-up brick building that is next door, and is considering turning it into a sort of urban barn, she said. Bureau of Labor Statistics, slightly faster than the average of 11 percent for all occupations.

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