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The receipt of resignation with garden leave letter can be used by an employer to place a resigning employee on gardening leave. Gardening leave or garden leave is where an employee who is leaving a job is required to stay away from work during the notice period whilst receiving normal pay. The receipt of resignation letter with garden leave is an open format Microsoft Word document that allows the wording to be adjusted to suit different needs. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to plant up a beautiful summer basket.
Plant up your hanging basket at the beginning of the month and you will have a stunning display in just a few weeks. If you have noticed suckers growing around the base of standard roses remove them with a sharp pair of secateurs.
Pinch out the growing tips of dahlias you planted early in the spring to encourage the plant to bush out.
August in the flower garden August in the flower garden can be a bit of a challenge. Vegetable Garden During August Vegetable Garden During August – August and the summer is in full swing. April 23, 2015 by Jade Johnston Leave a Comment Growing up in Canada, you don’t hear much about the conflicts in the Pacific region during World War 2. So it was no surprise that I hadn’t heard about the Australian war history in Borneo. Conditions in the camp, like most prisoner of war camps, was deplorable, and many prisoners died from malnutrition, disease, brutality, and over work.
After our adventures in Sandakan we went north towards the capitol of the state, Kota Kinabalu. Thank you to Sabah Tourism and Sepilok Tropical Wildlife Adventures for their assistance on this trip.

By now the risk of frost has passed so you can plant it up right now and hang it straight out. What was surprising though, is that Dan, a native Australian and one interested in war history, hadn’t either. So it’s no surprise that when the Japanese captured Borneo, they chose this as the location for their primary prisoner of war camp. As the war began to come to an end, the Japanese became nervous about their position in Sandakan and decided to embark on a futile and ultimately dangerous mission. They were all Australians, and they were all ones who had managed to escape, either from the camp or along the march route. This relaxing parkland, with shady trees and flower beds is a stark contrast to what it must have been like here when the POW camp was located here.
The OurOyster family consists of Jade and 3 year old Jacob, living in Australia and travelling around the world. From transplanting seedlings you have raised in the greenhouse to cutting back early flowering plants to make way for colorful annuals. Make a visit to your local garden center where you will find a huge variety of colorful varieties of annual plants well suited to a hanging basket. In the herbaceous border make sure all tall growing perennials such as foxgloves and delphiniums are tied to plant supports to prevent them from flopping over.
Towards the end of the month is the time to start propagating some of your favorite flowers. Now that I live in Australia, and have been here for several years, the focus is more on the Pacific and Gallipoli, more than anything else. At the height of it’s operation, the prisoner of war camp here detained around 2,500 prisoners, about 2,000 of which were Australians. To relocate their prisoners to a potentially more secure location at Ranua, 260 kilometres through virgin jungle.

A small museum and remembrance hall in the gardens documents the history of the camp, the death marches, and the people who lost their lives here. So before you put on your boots for a day in the garden, read this short reminder of some of the vital jobs to be doing in the flower garden during June. This memorial was our first stop when we visited Sandakan on a day tour with Sepilok Tropical Wildlife Adventures.
In the village of Kundasang there is another war memorial dedicated to remember the cost of the war to the Australians, British, and local populations.
Do the same with early flowering herbaceous plants such as lupins and flag iris after flowering to 4 or 5cm from the ground. Propagate flowering climbers such as wisteria, honeysuckle and clematis using the layering method. Adam teaches students about various aspects of the garden while integrating core subjects into each garden visit. When the survivors of the second march finally reached Ranau they discovered that only six prisoners remained alive from the first march.
About twelve days before the war finally ended, the remaining 38 surviving prisoners, from the 2,500 originally captured, were executed.
Built on a hill side, the first garden is the Australian garden, next the British garden, and finally the Borneo garden. At the top of the hill, a memorial lists the names of all the known victims of the war as well as offering beautiful views across the countryside to Mount Kinabalu.

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