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ELEOCHARIS dulcis grows in many parts of India, SE Asia, New Guinea, Northern Australia and Polynesia. Water chestnuts are delicious and are as much appreciated for their crisp texture as for their delicate sweet flavour. Cooking, and it need only be brief, either by boiling or frying improves the flavour and texture. The soil should be kept flooded with 100mm to 300mm of water throughout the growing period. The only serious problems that commonly occur, is rot and damage from birds.  A total or almost total lost of seed corms due to rot can occur if they are introduced to a soil or medium that has been freshly fertilized with manure. The most serious problem is damage and pilfering by water birds such as the Eastern Swamp Hens. The plant spreads by creeping rhizomes which produce additional sucker plants through the summer months. Good companion plantings for Eleocharis species include other aquatic plants of varying shapes and sizes. I live in the Bernalillo NM area and am wanting to know of any local architects and contractors as well as oppturnities to volunteer on a build project to gain building experience. My husband and I are attempting to purchase a home with straw-bale insulation and are running into lending hurdles: very few, if any, lenders want to back a home like this. It is possible to check for the moisture content within the bales by using a long probe that can be inserted into the walls.
Thinking of building a straw bale home in Oklahoma, but how well do these homes stand up with straight line winds or small tornado’s? If anchored down properly (rebar, compressed), a straw bale home will survive a tornado, or straight line winds in OK far better than a conventional stick house. Thanks for your info Linda..Since my proposed cottage is in a rain forest, hay bales will not work! A well-constructed straw bale home should have no more pest problems than conventional frame construction. I thought that this would make a big difference in our heating costs, but last winter we continued to spend much more than we anticpated to heat the home. I would really like to shore things up before the snow flies again in order to reduce our natural gas usage this winter.
Good alternative building material but under the disadvantages you forgot to mention that is not fire resistance. A properly constructed straw bale home should as fire resistant as typical wood-frame construction. If sealed and compressed, it is considered more fire resistant than a conventional stick house. Cardboard is such a versatile and “easily to hand” craft material, so that it makes perfect sense to use cardboard when crafting with kids!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It is an annual that has erect, narrow, tubular leaves (correctly known as culms) half a metre to a metre tall. This can be avoided by fertilising the field or container a few weeks early giving the manure time to break down first.
They are a good source of Dietary Fiber, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Copper and Manganese.
Like any building material, it is always best to evaluate your needs and your goals before committing to a particular material.
Despite what might seem logical, properly constructed walls made from straw bales have proven to be more flame retardant than conventional wood-frame construction.
Straw bale homes can be beautiful as the natural material lends itself to multiple architectural styles.

SInce it is not a conventional building material, the contractor or do-it-yourselfer will need to learn new construction techniques.
If straw bale building codes are not part of your local codes, it may be a bit more work to get your plans approved. Straw bale walls need to be kept dry as moisture is detrimental to not only straw, but to many building materials.
Due to the thickness of the walls (usually around 18-20 inches), more of your overall square footage will be unusable due to it being within the wall space. If straw bales are not available within a few hundred miles of your construction site, the cost of shipping them, along with the potential pollution from the transportation, must be taken into account. Under cons, you claim that a large amount of overall square footage being unusable due to the pace being taking up by the walls.
I have a friend who is thinking about building a straw house and she was wondering what the advantages and disadvantages were. I know some straw bales can have grain still on them, could that encourage rodent or bug problems. If properly constructed, pests will not have any access to the straw bales themselves as the walls are sealed on both sides with mud, plaster, or stucco. I suspect that the bale in the roof has settled as well, but I am loath to remove the tin roof to fix the bale.
I also had an energy audit done on the house and they found that the house exchanges air 11.6 times per hour. The native Australian variety is small but quite sweet and it is one of the main foods of the six and a half million Magpie Geese in the Northern Territory. They should be thoroughly washed then peeled by first cutting of the top and bottom and then peeling the remaining skin. It is often a good idea to start the chestnuts growing in a lower nutrient nursery plot in the mean time and transplanting later when the plants are about 300mm tall.
During the growing period the birds continue pulling up and trampling leaves and building there platform nests out of them. Later in autumn the leaves start to yellow and the chestnuts form at the terminal ends of the rhizomes. Once the edible part of the grain has been harvested (such as wheat or rice), the stalks often become a disposal problem for farmers. This adds aesthetic value to the home as thick wall are expensive to achieve with conventional construction. With supervision by one knowledgeable straw bale trainer, first-time builders can assist in the construction process. This means that very little energy was used to manufacture the product as sunlight was the main energy source for growing plant. This is because the bales are dense and tend to just smolder when the ignition source is removed.
Contact others in your area and see if they can suggest local architects or engineers that are used to working with natural materials and see they can stamp your plans and help with the approval process.
Linda, if you are still looking for help, I can offer my time in exchange for the opportunity to learn. It is like a very long version of the moisture meters that are used for checking indoor house plants. As far as allergies, the only problem would be during construction when there is a lot of dust flying around from the straw. For me personally, you have nailed all the important facts and I have even bookmarked them for future usage. Our first winter in the house was cool and drafty and we were spending a fair amount on heat. Due to the walls being eighteen inches thick, all the window openings have around sixteen inches of an inset when the windows are installed to the outside surface.

The ideal pH range is between 6 to 7.5 so use Dolomite (a form of lime that contains magnesium) to adjust pH where necessary. Since resorting to protecting the crop with bird netting or yields have tripled and average corm size is substantially bigger. Over the following weeks the leaves die back totally and harvesting can start at this time. This not only spreads the word about straw bale construction, it also means that the homebuilder can save money by using a volunteer crew to help raise the walls. The only energy needed to make a straw bale is in the bailing process and the transportation to the worksite. If the walls of your straw bale home are kept dry, they will last for the life of the building. On the other hand, if you are adding straw bale interior walls to an existing structure made of straw bales, this could be a problem. Other than that, you would have to check for visible signs of water damage on the outside of the walls. We did as much research as we could, but we have struggled to figure out exactly how we should fix and maintain our home. There is a Tyvek moisture barrier between the bale and the siding, but the bale remains unplastered. The window seat then acts as a light reflector to the ceiling and the side walls of the window opening reflect light to the left or right side of the room, depending on the angle of the sun.
The variety we supply comes from China where it is know as ‘Hon Mati’, it is superior in size and sweetness. In Asia they are made into a drink by either blending raw chestnuts in water or boiling them or their skins in water for 15 to 30mins and adding a little extra palm sugar to enhance the flavour. Since Water Chestnuts are best harvested by hand which minimises damage to the fragile skin, it is important to have soil that is as free of hard debris as possible (stones, woody materials etc.). These fields are ideally located below a water source like a dam so that the water level can be maintained with a gravity flow. The farmer makes some money by selling the bales and the homebuilder gains an excellent insulation and building material. Other insulation materials, such as fiberglass, require a substantial amount of energy to produce. It could also be a problem if the lot you’re building on is particularly small, such as in New York City or something like that, where the houses tend to take up the entirety of the buildable lot. The drink tastes like water that has have sweet corn boiled in it and it is reputed to have cooling properties, popular on hot days in Asian cities.
They can also be grown on dam and pond edges but only if the water level is controllable and stable. In Queensland, researchers suggest that harvest take place around the 1st of July which is a month or so after the tops have died off. But I kind of doubt that straw bale houses conform to NYC building codes in the first place.
You could then see if there is at least a waterproof barrier on the top bale that would protect from roof leaks.
With a conventional frame wall, the inset around the window would only be a few inches and would not bounce much light around.
It would be helpful to find out if there is anyone in this area that can help with the overseeing or contracting of this home.

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