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People who have a garden would always want to protect their garden from the invading animals and hence a fence is very necessary for a garden.
Hence, many people prefer to have ornamental fence around their garden and there are different materials with which ornamental fence can be made. Even though there are a lot of other materials, many people prefer wooden fence for their garden because of its easiness to cut in to a variety of shapes. Wooden fence posts are available in both rustic styles as well as machine finished style and you can use the ones that match your garden design. Bamboo fence provides an artistic appeal to the garden, hence many gardeners prefer bamboo fence for their garden.
Making a bamboo fence is a time consuming process, but with little effort you can do it yourself. Wrought iron fences provide a classic look to the garden with its fantastic ornate designs.  Fences made out of wrought iron are strong and demand very less maintenance.

If you have easy access to rocks, a dry stone wall is the best fence you can have around your garden.
Brick fence is another option, but unlike the dry stone wall fence, brick garden fence requires mortar for holding them in position. Similarly fiberglass garden fences or mesh garden fences can also be used to protect the garden and make it more attractive. The Paloma panel is one of our most popular decorative wood fence panels, due to its sturdy yet attractive design. In addition to providing protection, a beautiful fence will also add to the aesthetics of the garden. Some of the materials used for making fence include wood, bamboo, vinyl, stone wall, aluminum, wrought iron, brick etc. Using wood, you can create a simple picket fence or you can cut wood in to waves, waffle or scallop shapes to make the fence.

Instead of wrought iron, you can also use old rusty iron fencing around your garden and can hide them with creepers.
The timber has been pressure treated to provide protection against rot and fungal decay for up to 15 years, whilst adding an attractive quality finish to the product. Similarly, while making fence use galvanized screws and nails to increase the life span of the fence.

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