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I need to treat my new shed and a couple of fences, and thinking I might move away from browns and greens to something a bit more interesting but I don't want it to look naff.The shed was new in April, it was pre-treated but I was told I should treat it again after a few months of being weathered, one of the fences is also new and the back fence has been there a while and needs some treatment.
Just paint flowers on the back of the fence then you wont even have to bother planting it all up.
She was looking for a bright but understated look so we sent her our Sapling Green shade and as you can see, the results are amazing.Hannah certainly put the Garden Paint through its paces and sent us a great review and some lovely photos. October really means only one thing, winter is coming and it’s important we protect the items that live outside all year round. I started with my table and flipped it upside down to tackle the underneath and legs first. Shortly after I’d finished the first coat on the shed it started to rain and I thought my work would be ruined but even though it hadn't been an hour the paint didn't run or budge at all.
We know you’ve all been having a go at your DIY projects, and we want you to show off your efforts! An important announcement from our marketing director about our 'Does Exactly What It Says' strapline.

Our outdoor garden sand candles are handcast in sand moulds so no two candles are the same. I really like this colour - what is it?Any updated pics OP?Also needing inspiration - we do have quite a lot of fence length and a quite 'open' large-ish garden bordering fields. Using Ronseal Garden Paint means you can do that and give your garden some colour to keep it looking bright during the dark winter months.I've used cheaper garden paints before, and I've never been impressed; they don’t last long and you’re constantly repainting!
Remember to paint in the same direction as the grain of the wood or it will look very odd indeed. I did end up with green hands but was able to wash the colour off easily with some warm water and soap.Because the paint dries so quickly it’s rainproof in an hour.
Again just a light sand down was needed as most of the previous paint had come off already. It gave my furniture and shed a new lease of life and I know they’re fully protected for the cold, wet winter months. Simply share with us your proudest DIY with a picture and you could be in with a chance of winning.

Thanks, yes been looking at the the garden shades, and Urban Slate is winning at the moment. That meant I was then able to give the table a second coat - top and bottom - without hanging around for ages. I would definitely recommend the paint, and I won’t be using cheaper alternatives again - it’s just not worth it when this is really good value anyway and the coverage is fantastic.
Think official colour is cedar red.certainly brightened them up, and looks a bit different from the usual browns and greens.
If you’re painting metal you’ll need to use a primer, and for brick, terracotta or stone just make sure the area is clean before you start.Once your surface is ready, the paint needs some preparation time too…this just means giving it a good stir (an old wooden spoon is great for this).

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