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24.07.2015 admin
Voters in the Italian capital return to the polls Sunday and all the signs are that they are set to elect Virginia Raggi as the first female mayor of the Eternal City. Raggi, a 37-year-old lawyer and local councilor, has leapt from anonymity to become one of the best-known faces in Italian politics in the space of only a few months on the campaign trail. The telegenic brunette is the rising star of the populist Five Star movement (M5S), the anti-establishment party founded by comedian Beppe Grillo.

It has emerged as the best-supported opposition to the centre left, Democratic Party (PD)-led coalition of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and the stakes are extremely high for a movement that was only founded in 2009. With the ebullient Renzi’s star waning slightly, success in Rome could provide a platform for a tilt at national power in general elections due in 2018.
It was a remarkable achievement for a party with a very limited organizational apparatus and also for a woman who only entered politics five years ago.

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