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A nuclear explosion is a catastrophe, the effects of the explosion however will last months and years, and other calamities will blossom from the initial crisis. Regardless of how devastating the disaster is, the days after will be even more so in many cases.
An armed evasion will cause manufacturers to cease production, which will cause mass shortages of the most basics of supplies for an extended period. The invading armies may be defeated but it may take years to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure. You may have a basement full of weapons but you as a family or even a group will be powerless against an armed invasion. If you live in a temperate climate, you would have to prepare to survive in a colder environment.
Experienced preppers do not prepare for the unexpected, because nothing should be unexpected. Breathable GORE-TEX membrane is 100% waterproof but still allows sweat to escape so you stay dry. Under Armour Infil GTX Waterproof Boots 1261918Breathable GORE-TEX membrane is 100% waterproof but still allows sweat to escape so you stay dry.

If you knew the world was going to end in a few weeks, would you stockpile food and water for six months, no point in that right?
As in any calamity, you have the days leading up to it, the disaster itself and then the days after. The ash cloud can and will obscure the sun causing an agricultural disaster in many parts of the world.
Winters would be much longer, there can be snow on the ground in areas that have never experienced snow, or you could experience winter year around. You not only have to survive the detonation of nuclear devices you would have to survive the aftermath for years to come. This is what you have to prepare for because you will either survive the initial event or not, but if you do, you will have an even more cataclysmic event to deal with. Roads will be impassable because of damage, or you simply cannot venture out because of the dangers of warfare, looters and civil unrest in general. You may live in a colder area now but what happens if you have to flee the area and you end up in a subtropical environment. Do not prepare for the end of the world but instead prepare for it to change and to change quickly.

With proper storage techniques, dry goods like rice, wheat, sugar, beans, oats and pastas could last up to 20 years or more.A Here is an excellent tutorial video by BisonRMA on how to use mylar bags, food grade buckets, oxygen absorbers and a few common household tools to ensure your long-term food stays protected from oxygen, moisture and rodents.
However, in some cases you will not know there are days leading up to a crisis, the crisis may be upon you without warning. Food shortages will be the norm and people will die quickly from contaminated water and diseases. Just look to other parts of the world and note the millions of refugees fleeing the conflicts.
This is what you have to prepare for, life on the run, surviving in small bands or ad hoc communities, continually moving to prevent detection and capture.
So if you been looking for an inexpensive way to increase your food preps check out the video below.
You simply cannot prepare based on what you can see and predict happening around you, you also have to prepare for what you may encounter in other parts of the country as well.

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