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Help support DayZ Intel and keep us going by either disabling your Ad Blocker on DayZ Intel, or buying a sweet t-shirt!. Besides the core experience, practically every other aspect of the DayZ mod has been changed in Standalone. DayZ Standalone, while still very much an alpha, has already has made several immense improvements over the Mod in terms of game systems.
The User Interface in Standalone has been completely revolutionized in Standalone, and is very sparse. DayZ Standalone has taken queues from its fans and other games such as Minecraft and Resident Evil.
In my opinion, this is a huge improvement over Arma’s basic, military-based inventory system which has specific slots for certain items expected on a soldier, and unchanging pocket slots. Yet another nod by Dean to Minecraft, multiple items can be combined or attached to other items to change or enhance their function. While Standalone may feel similar to the mod, the engine is actually a modified version of the Arma II engine, using assets from Arma III, making it a sort of Arma 2.5 engine hybrid.
Another new system, the ragdoll feature was recently added into the experimental branches of DayZ. This new feature helps to increase immersion in the game, simulating a more realistic death pose for players and zombies. While Chernarus is very much the same, the Chernarus that many of us know and love from Arma II has has received much more love from the team. Not to mention, the constant addition of unique, and large cities, like Novodmitrovsk, as well as additions to the popular looting spots, namely, the police stations, which have slightly more-military than civilian loot spawns. Because DayZ was originally a mod for the military simulator Arma II, the mod was inadvertently militarized.
DayZ Standalone seems to be heading in the more civilian direction, and simulates (roughly, it’s an alpha) what it would be like if any of us wiped out on the Russian shores in a housing are.
Again, I appreciate the change in loot trend, although I do feel that the current amount of loot is at a low in terms of variety, and is still fairly basic in terms of variety. Because the game currently uses large portions of the same engine, DayZ feels very much like it’s mod counterpart.
Not saying its bad but it makes ammo more scarce as I have to shoot any zombie coming at me.
The aiming is off too and if I shoot at the zombie when it is real close it can hit me but my bullets seem to start behind the zombie letting him beat the crap out of me.
Also I think clothing will be scarcer as in just an hour or so they ruined my shirt and pants twice so people will be hunting for more.
In H1Z1: Just Survive, you’ll have to be cutthroat, resourceful, and alert to protect yourself from zombies, beasts, and the deadliest threat of all – your fellow humans. All Just Survive servers will come down for maintenance beginning at 1:00 AM PT (8 AM GMT) for maintenance.
I have been palying this game since its release over a year and a half ago, and ever since daybreak has taken of the production of this game from sony it has just gone to ¦¦¦¦.
Fortunately, the most recent strain of H1N1 “only” killed 17,000 people and never reached the global catastrophic status that many had predicted. One of the problems with building a game based on the ArmA engine is that it’s a hyper-realistic combat simulator.

That may turn some challenge-loving sim fans away, but it will likely open the genre up to a wide range of players – including console players who are using gamepads (H1Z1 will be released for PS4 and Windows). SOE has said, for example, that they have the ability to put thousands of players on a single server, but that may not create the best gameplay experience.
That stream is filled with developer diary-type videos and streams but is regularly updated with new gameplay footage. Just don’t be surprised when you see the game looks a lot like DayZ – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
You can craft items from dead animals, fallen trees, and from various items you find in cities.
Gamers have generally shied away from “pay to win” type games, where players can get an advantage of their competition simply because they have more money. Since SOE hasn’t talked about which micro-transactions will be available, gamers are “cautiously optimistic” about H1Z1.
Can H1Z1 walk the fine line between zombie survival horror and a professionally-developed MMO? Among a huge number of differences, the systems, loot, map and game mechanics have all been changed. The inventory system includes a hotbar, much like that of Minecraft’s, with icons showing each item assigned to squares activate by numbers 0-9. This includes the combination of Maps to form larger more complete maps, and the addition of weapon attachments onto a various number of weapons. The Nav Mesh is a big, complicated and cool system in which each environment has a path for AI (the zombies) to follow, simulating the actual path a logical creature would take, which includes going through doors and over terrain.
Firstly, the number of enter-able buildings has increased by about 95%, now having nearly every single building have entrances and loot. The spawning system also currently is too systematic, and the game is just a gun run for the airfields still. Most of these functions, actually, most functions in the game, seem to be handled on the server side rather than the client side. I appreciate the team’s attempt to increase immersion by stressing the real world and civilian side of the game. At this point, they have established a strong base, but they must tear through the old and introduce the new, and quickly, if they hope to have anything on upcoming games like H1Z1. This publish requires a player and world wipe due to bug fixes regarding base tampers and durability. New Features A set of unique zombies have been seen roaming the area.
Corrupted by the need to survive, gone are the comforts of society as a new normal permeates the world. Daybreak, H1Z1, Just Survive, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Daybreak Game Company LLC. They split the game into two just to squeeze more money out of people and all they ever do for production is release stupid crates. Because Sony Online Entertainment is releasing a new zombie apocalypse survival game called H1Z1, and in that game, an influenza A virus wiped out much of the human population and turned them into zombies. However, H1Z1 is one of the few survival games made by a professional development studio (many other survival games are independently developed by small teams). That’s great for people who like simulators, but not so great for people who don’t like reading lengthy instructional guides about how to open their backpack or run.

Players will be able to choose which servers they join, although Sony is still trying to decide how many players should play in each server.
As always with change, there is quite a considerable amount of resistance from those who have become comfortable with the status quo that is apparent after just about every update is released.
This addition further separates the standalone from the mod, and allows for a more dynamic simulation of what a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario would be like, which I hope the game is going towards.
The team claims that the new engine will help solve issues such as flashlights bleeding through walls and players clipping through walls, as well as improve the network.
Secondly, the game has been designed by hand to have the zombie viral infection be apparent throughout the world. While this may increase performance, it decreases immersion when I cannot perform a simple movement function due to server desync, which plagues current servers. The world feels much more specific to the game, and the zombie apocalypse, and in general; the game is much more focused on the core aspects of the mod, rather than working with military gear to survive.
Above all, the team needs to focus on fixing the base they have established, because new content has no point in a broken game.
These zombies hold the secrets to a new set of exotic and powerful weapons. Players who succumb to the harsh realities of H1Z1 will now come back as one of the horde. In the last year and a half the game has not gone far in terms of content but anyways ill take you through the basic experience that you will have. And from Rust to The Forest, there are lots of survival games that are genuinely worth your time. Fortunately, the developers aren’t ignoring that comparison and have dropped the “DayZ” name multiple times during interviews. However, the company hasn’t specifically said which type of micro-transactions will be available to players. On the other hand, gamers might avoid H1Z1 if it features too much pay-to-win downloadables.
The real question that change often causes to arise has come up time and time again; Are the changes being made improvements, or are they ruining the experience? This is apparent in the now-destroyed Cherno Hotel, which has the aft section of an airplane jutting out of its side, in the body-ridden pits and the abandoned vehicles.
First you will loot for hours and you will find some guns, ammo, and food then you will want to make a base, after that you might try to find some people to kill for fun and then probably get off for the day to just come back the next day to a base completely looted from hackers. But it’s also possible that we could see a range of servers with slots for between 10 and 1,000 players.
At their worst, they glitched through walls, ignored all terrain, one-hit killed you, and murdered you by punching the building you were in, throwing you off a ladder.
Shirts, Pants, Vests and Backpacks), has a different amount of inventory spaces depending on the specific item.

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