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What do you swear by in your first-aid kit?  Anything on my list that you disagree with?  Anything that I should add?
These are all really, really great tips on what to have on hand when you head out with your horse. This list is extremely helpful all i could think of getting was dishes a mop a broom and a garbage can so than you very much for publishing and might i add if someone can find like a dollar tree or some kind of dollar store the have most of these items for very cheap. My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first home together, I’ve been working on a list of things for weeks and still keep coming up with odds and ends that I take for granted, thanks so much for such a comprehensive list! Thank you this will come in handy for me and my roommate as we move into our place next month!
This is a great checklist (and comments) that I am printing for two gals that are moving into their first apartment. By Cynthia Ewer, Author ofCut the Clutter: A Simple Organization Plan for a Clean and Tidy HomeReady to Spring forward? Chances are, you'll have stepladders out to reach smoke detectors and clocks, so double up on safety (and energy savings) by checking light bulbs and light fixtures. Consider replacing conventional bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent or LCD bulbs.
Update phone numbers, addresses and contact information, and post an emergency information page near the phone.

However, I moved into my first house with less furniture, and still don’t have that much. Along with a strong-box for your personal ID stuff if you don’t have anyplace else for these things. My fiance and I are moving into our first home at the end of January and are starting from absolute scratch- both coming out of student-type accommodation.
I’m really excited to learn a different things that why I make up a list for aparment. My kitchen, which was once a hallway, was so small that I had to keep the refrigerator in the main room.
When I got my first apartment, I cut my hand on one of my nice, new kitchen knives and didn’t have any band-aids! Unfortunately this is not my first apartment, but due to bed bugs I have to start over again. Here in about a month I’m moving into my first very own apartment so my mom sent me a copy of the list. My sister’s moving to her first apartment soon and your checklist will be of a great help for her. Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun.

I grew up with horses (and go back to my parent’s to ride every chance I get) and love that you have this information on the web! Right now, the thought of decorating my new place is a bit overwhelming, with all the rooms to tackle. You had to go through the bathroom (which was kitchen adjacent) to get into the single bedroom, and there was no door separating the bedroom from the bathroom. Should have a first aid kit on the list and it would be great if you could give ideas on where to get this stuff and a price range . I’ll be giving him some of these very items as I have so much duplicates of everything. And although,have I been on my own for a zillion years;-) there are things, I totally forgot about. I would definitely add a trash can and liners for the kitchen and some kitchen sanitizing spray! To help you cut through the clutter, I’ve put together the First Apartment Essentials Checklist for renters.

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