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We have a number of healthcare products to aid physical wounds and sports injuries, including sports braces, strapping tapes, bandages, slings, elastic supports for elbows, knees, ankles and hands, as well as a wide range of bandaids. For non-physical wounds such as pressure and diabetic ulcers, skin irritations and poor blood circulation we stock pressure bandages and compression stockings such as Venosan, a brand recommended by physiotherapists and specialists. Havalon, Piranta EdgeThe Havalon Piranta Edge Folding Skinning Knife is the sharpest knife you will ever own.
SOL Emergency Blanket: 1 personSOL Emergency Blanket (1 person, reflects 90% body heat) More compact, lightweight design features a quieter, more durable polyethylene material. A collection of supplies and equipment used to apply first aid is known as a first aid kit and it is very necessary for an individual or organization to keep these kinds of medical kits especially to industries where accidents can happen. First Aid Kits complies with ISO standards which includes the a) green background with white cross (ISO first aid symbol), b) white background with green cross(alternative ISO first aid symbol), c) white background with Red Cross(symbol of Red Cross), and d) star of life.
The content of a first aid box is intended to treat minor injuries such as bandages, adhesives, gauze, disinfectant, and regular strength pain medication. BURNFREE's technologically-advanced hydrogel formula remains stable at a wide range of temperatures.

One of our most comprehensive first aid points for managing a wide range of workplace accidents and emergencies from first aid, through to burns, eye care and biohazard disposal. The Evolution BS Compliant Complete First Aid Point helps you comply with British Standard requirements for workplace and provides all the necessary supplies to create an effective first aid point, such as brackets, bracket labels and photo luminescent bracket header. The First Aid Point is easy to identify and the different components allow you to arrange it depending on the organisation’s needs. Thank you for choosing to sign up to receive our newsletters.By signing up you will receive exclusive offers, the latest industry news and all our new product launches from Safety First Aid.
We believe the right early intervention can assist in speeding up the healing process and prevent additional conditions such as ulcers and skin irritations. For optimal performance of your compression stockings, staff will first measure and fit you, and then demonstrate how to put them on correctly. This unique knife features a replaceable scalpel blade so you will never have to work with a dull knife again.
A wide range of contents can be put together inside a first aid kit depending on the type and use.

There are also specialized first aid kits which focus on the risks according to the specialization or field of work.
Choose, Locate, Maintain your kit.A first aid bag can be a large, translucent, flexible, and water resistant plastic container enclosed using a zipper or a latch-top lid. BURNFREE's cooling action helps minimize the depth of injury by stopping the burn progression. What's more, each of these durable hinged cases comes out of the bracket in order to be taken to the location of the casualty. It can be assembled in any type of container like fabric pouches, durable plastic boxes, and wall mounted cabinets to keep it clean, safe, and sterile. Make a checklist of items which should be included in the first aid kit.List all the basic medication and ointments needed as well as items used in curing injuries such as bandage, scissor, disinfectant and other medical tools.

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