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At the Jericho Foundation, we employ a qualified First Aid Instructor and offer the 1 day Certificate in Emergency First Aid Training course plus the Certificate in First Aid at Work which is a 3 day course.
There are a number of course dates booked in our training schedule and these courses take place at the Jericho head office In Edward Rd, Balsall Heath.
As the name suggests, the scale was first designed in Glasgow for patients who had suffered a head injury.
The following table lists the individual components of the Glasgow Coma Scale and how the individual measurements are scored.
A GCS of less than 8 is generally considered a serious medical emergency due to problems with the airway. When recording a Glasgow Coma Scale score you should identify the individual components as well as the overall score. Never heard of the Glasgow Coma Scale, but that is a really great way to determine whether or not a head injury is severe before a CT scan can be performed. It makes complete sense though because it’s all based on how bad or intense the injury was. Online first aid certificateIn order to download your first aid certificate you will need to complete all modules of our online first aid course. In order to access our online first aid course you must have registered an account with us and be logged in. The COSHH training course is designed for candidates who handle chemicals as part of their daily work.
The COSHH training course is delivered in 2 hours and Candidates must demonstrate a willingness to learn along with interaction of group activities.
For large group bookings Call 0208 1445693 or fill out our group booking form by selecting the number of people then add to cart. As you are probably aware Homer Simpson is the nuclear power-plant’s Health & Safety Officer! It makes sense to have more than 1 first aider onsite, because what happens if the incident occurring is effecting the first aider?

Alternatively if you work on smaller sites or in other industries other than Construction then ITSSAR would be more suitable.
Candidates need to obtain the CSCS (HS&E) Health, Safety and Environment test prior to training.
Trans Plant Mastertrain is a leading provider of industrial and commercial training, for individuals and business in Devon, Cornwall, Bristol as well as across the United Kingdom and internationally.
In terms of first aid, a poison is defined as a substance with an inherent property that tends to expunge life or impair health. Absorbed poisons are harmful substances that are introduced to the system via unbroken skin and mucous membranes. Complete a primary survey, making sure to treat any life-threatening issues and conditions before continuing on. Remove any clothing that has been in contact with the poison and make sure not to come into contact with the clothing until they have been thoroughly cleaned.
Wash the affected skin thoroughly with soap and water, making sure not to let the affected area(s) touch any other part of the body.
Emergency First Aid is for people who want a general knowledge of first aid principles and the emergency treatment of injuries. Ontario Poison Centre provides telephone consultation in the event of of a real or potential poisonings. Ask for details, we offer CPR, AED and First Aid courses for individuals, family, businesses and groups! The courses can accommodate a maximum of 12 people and for large bookings (say 6 or more) from one organisation, we may be able to arrange a specific date to suit your requirements, so please contact us to if you would like to discuss this in more detail.
Each measurement is assigned a score and the GCS is the total of the three scores combined. It can be quite difficult to learn and also people can interpret the scoring system in different ways. However despite this the Glasgow Coma Scale is still widely used by emergency medical services and hospitals across the world.

The COSHH course is ideal for induction or refresher training to the new regulations which came into force in 2002. This may be used in the workplace but also it may help them preserve life in their own time.
In general, if you work, or wish to work for a large Construction Company then you will need a CITB (CPCS) card. Many products on the market today include warnings and poison symbols on their label that typically come in the shape of a triangle, diamond or octagon that contains a foreboding skull and crossbones (example to the right). They are particularly harmful due to the fact that some poisons will indicate contact by producing a reddening of the skin, swelling, blisters, and burns while others, like insecticides, can be introduced to the system while leaving the skin unharmed. A filter mask should be worn to prevent inhalation as well as at least one pair of gloves should be worn as the affected area is flushed with cool water or, if the substance is a powder, begin by brushing away any extra amounts with a dry cloth. Particular attention should be paid to hard to reach or hidden areas, such as beneath the fingernails, behind the ears, and in the hair. Please view our Ottawa First Aid Course Locations and feel free to contact us regarding on-site training at your premises. To determine the duration please contact us so that we can discuss what is most suitable to you. To determine the duration please contact us so that we can discuss what is most suitable to you.  We also offer a familiarisation course and assessment to determine the duration of training required. However, there are many products that do not include these warnings, such as alcohol and substances that are safe within the recommended dosage but harmful if abused.

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