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Venturing out from your makeshift shelter to scavenge for weapons and supplies, you’ll need to use speed, cunning and the verticality of an abandoned city or forest to survive the zombie or dinosaur horde. Some of these games have already been release in alpha testing – of course, with a lot of bugs ready to be discovered by the testers. Once you’re done looting the randomly-generated cities for supplies, you’ll have to contend with the personality conflicts of your 5-strong survivor team and find ways to stop them from clawing into each other with all the ferocity of the zombies you’re fighting against. The twist here is that survival requires players to forge alliances in a group of people that will dynamically fracture based on needs and personalities. Global objectives that encourage players across the entire server to team up in an attempt to accomplish them, rather than shoot each other on sight. The Long Dark will feature some new things like tracking your individual calories and modelling your hunger needs from that. So how do you go back to basics and learn to subsist in the wilderness whilst retaining your humanity? The premise behind No Return because is the American survivalist’s worst (best?) nightmare.
Their purpose: hunt as many deer as possible, whilst avoiding succumbing to the forces of nature. But we did hear about the weird, Gollum-esque sub-humans that emerge from the darkness of the cave – and it looks like The Forest is going to be throwing a few of them at you itself. Take DayZ and swap the zombies with Dinosaurs, and you have the premise behind The Stomping Land. There’s something about System Shock 2 that seems to have defined the notion of deep space survival. Lacuna Passage seeks to take only the most peripheral elements of Irrational’s best work -the audio diaries, the environmental storytelling – and craft a survival experience that does its best to convey how hostile environments on another planet can be.
You’ll need to worry about suit oxygen, along with vital statistics such as calories, dehydration and ever sodium content. Vostok is looking to incorporate artifacts and exploration, but the current alpha offers more of a round-based, team deathmatch experience in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Fifty years later and the Soviet Union still hasn’t fully recovered: though the Russkies came out of the exchange far better than the US, thanks to the fact that they made it into their fallout shelters in time, they still have a lot of work to do to rebuild society from their fictional capital city which is totally not Moscow.
To suit the scary monsters, gameplay will take players both above and below ground – so there’s a little bit of Metro 2033 to this one.
The Forest semble posseder les elements de survie en pleine nature qu’on aurait bien aime voir dans Miasmata.
Un monde ouvert, une ambiance oppressante, de la survie pure et dure, sur le papier The Forest a tout pour plaire, et apres meme pas 4 jours de presence sur Steam Greenlight, il a deja recu plus de 1500 commentaires. The Forest is a first-person, open-world survival game, in which you play as the lone survivor of a plane crash. The Forest arrived on Steam Early Access on May 30th this year, and was an instant hit on the platform, and developer Endnight Games Ltd.
The Forest is still in Alpha, which raises the question, of when PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get their hands on it, and whether or not, it will release alongside the full PC version.
It’s a turn-based roleplaying game that focuses on defending a single shelter, rather than undertaking an epic quest to defeat a zombie king, or whatever (zombies have a monarchy, right?). Nether is a first-person modern survival game that seems borne of the surge in DayZ’s popularity. It’s the one thing that DayZ never managed to get right, though its standalone alpha is taking more micro steps toward addressing it  rather than Nether’s macro approach. Fleeing a corrupt government, the player’s plane crash lands into forest and towns abandoned due to an economic collapse. These are measured by the suit’s urinalysis system, which means, yes, you are constantly peeing in your suit.
Survarium is from a bunch ukrainians called Vostok Games, formed by ex-STALKER developer GSC Game World after development of STALKER 2 imploded in some kinc of gravitational anomaly. The apocalypse here has been caused by an environmental cataclysm, rather than a nuclear one. But really, without all of the other stuff, there’s not much actual survival gameplay to speak of.

Lots of people would get nuked, as in the setup for this party-based, post-apocalyptic RPG, Nuclear Union. Navigating or overcoming these forms the basis of some environmental puzzling, while further radiation damage has spawned mutated creatures to battle in realtime-with-pause combat. Comme si cela ne suffisait pas, vous allez egalement devoir faire face a des mutants qui reveraient de gouter votre tendre chair. Vous allez en effet decouvrir dans la foret et ses abords de vastes reseaux et grottes ainsi que de lacs souterrain. You find yourself, on a mysterious island inhabited by cannibalistic mutants with a lust for the tasty flesh of survivors. Mais, la survie avant tout, vous pourrez donc couper votre bois, construire un abris, faire des feux de camp, planter des graines pour faire pousser de la bouffe. The Forest utilise le procede tres classique du : on explore et on construit pendant la journee, et la nuit on se defend !
Endnight Games have listed several features they plan to release, such as multiplayer, more modes, Oculus Rift support, and new creatures. Les ennemies s’en prendront donc a vous que durant la nuit, est-ce que vous allez vous crafter de solides armes pour les affronter ou alors poser des pieges autour de votre abris pour les decimer avant qu’ils ne vous atteignent ? The game gives players various tools, such as a crafting system, the ability to build structures and lay traps, to keep the monsters away. Ponte en situacion: Hemos sufrido un terrorifico accidente de aviacion y estamos perdidos en la nada, sin recursos y rodeados de amenazas.
The Forest es un Survival Horror sin historia ni un proposito claro, solo sobrevivir recolectando recursos y tratando de superar cada noche como si de una prueba de fuego se tratara. Zombies, personajes conocidos de la franquicia y un prometido regreso a las raices de la saga por parte de Capcom.

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