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07.02.2016 admin
Telltale Publishing will bring survival horde crafting game 7 Days to Die to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year. The open-world survival game will hit consoles in June, after a very successful stay on Steam Early Access.
The new console version brings with it some extras that PC players have had to do without, adding a new multiplayer mode supporting local split-screen for couch play and additional features are going to be announced in the coming weeks.
More importantly, the console version will come with bonus The Walking Dead skins, which let you play as characters including Michonne and Lee Everett. Telltale Publishing seeks to bring the best and most innovative games in their genres to new audiences.
The Fun Pimps have redefined what the survival genre can be with unrivalled world-building, crafting, and character growth. We’re very excited that Telltale brought us together with the folks at Iron Galaxy, to build the game collaboratively and specifically for consoles.

The Wild Eight is a stylish supernatural survival adventure game that tells the story of eight survivors that have to survive in a remote forest in Alaska after being stranded there by a horrific plane crash. Playable with up to 8 other layers in online co-op, you must explore the wilderness, scavenge supplies and craft items to stand and chance of survival in this harsh environment.
The Wild Eight Alpha Demo doesn’t feature the story, multiple characters or multiplayer support, but it does offer a great glimpse at the core survival-based gameplay and stylish visuals of the full game. Players have to craft their way through a post-apocalyptic world, scavenging abandoned cities and crafting much needed items.
7 Days to Die has already thrilled over 1.5 million PC users worldwide, and we’re delighted to bring this game from the PC to consoles everywhere. With overwhelmingly positive user feedback for the PC version, we can’t wait to expose a brand new audience to this exceptional and terrifying sandbox experience. After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, we’re grateful to have had a wonderful response from our active community of Steam Early Access users; now, our partners at Telltale Publishing are enabling us to get the game in front of new survivors across the globe.

They have a stellar track record, and have been incredible partners in ensuring a perfect translation that includes new features and content not seen in the PC version.
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