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Emergency Situation: While hiking through Kings Canyon National Park in California, you notice the ground crunching audibly underfoot — the result of the state’s severe drought. Once you’ve determined your direction of travel, search for a natural firebreak: an area without combustible material. In general, large trees retain more moisture than, say, dry fields, so if you must seek protection in an area without a firebreak, avoid open areas and ones with small, dry scrub brush.
In a situation where you cannot escape the flames and cannot make it to a safe location, your best option is to locate a trench or deep gulley. February 9, 2009--A fire truck moves away from out-of-control flames, part of a wildfire about 78 miles (125 kilometers) west of Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday.As of Monday, fires across Victoria state and other parts of southern Australia have killed at least 166 people and turned whole villages to ash and cinders. Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone.
TWISP, Washingtona€”The largest fire in state history swept through the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range with explosive force last summer. Until then, the top slot in the statea€™s fire rankings belonged to the Tripod Fire, which burned up 175,000 beetle-infested acres in two months on the same slopes in 2006. Carlton and Tripod are a€?megafires,a€? part of a wave of extreme fires that are transforming the great forests of the American West. The other leading theory happens to be global warming, which is what the National Geographic article mainly focused on.
It all began in the late 1800’s as newly arrived settlers let their livestock munch away at the grasslands.
By stopping these fires for more than a hundred years, thick layers of undergrowth and a high density of trees and shrubs have developed in regions where this never existed before. And not only do we have fires that are larger and in greater number, but they also do more damage. As you travel up a small rise in the terrain, you begin to smell smoke and hear a loud rushing sound. In both cases, it is critical to move upwind (that is, into the wind) when attempting to escape wildfires. This may be a road or a clear-cut area of woods, or it may be a boulder field or body of water. Dig a hole in the side, cover the opening with a tarp or blanket, and then crawl into the hole.
Helped fight a nighttime lightning caused fire in camp while on Jr Staff in early 60’s.

In Lake County, two of these fires have merged and collectively torched almost 100,000 acres, and are still only partially contained. The situation has become so serious, that National Geographic has taken notice of the phenomenon, and the devastating effect that it’s having on the environment. The Carlton Complex Fire burned more than 250,000 acres, devouring everything in its path at the hypersonic pace of 3.8 acres per second. By the end of the century, scientists say, megafiresa€”conflagrations that chew up at least 100,000 acres of landa€”will become the norm.
Why on Earth are these “megafires” chewing up the landscape of North America all of a sudden, when they were practically unheard of a generation ago? This alone was enough to keep fires from spreading, but then the United States Forest Service was founded, and they began enforcing strict rules to prevent fires.
Basically, by trying to prevent fires, we created the perfect conditions for the fires to spread. A pre-20th century blaze would have only temporarily stunted the growth of trees, but now they completely wipe out whole habitats and put some animals on the endangered species list.
Some of our land management agencies already spend half of their budget on fighting fires, and they don’t really have the money to do controlled burns. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can determine general wind direction by viewing which way the smoke is moving, assuming there’s reasonable visibility.
Researchers have been perplexed by recent California fires with flames that have spread at incredible speed, mostly due to unprecedented levels of drought.
Alternatively, dig a trench and lie down in it with your feet facing the direction of the flames, and cover yourself with dirt. Stir the ashes with a shovel and pour more water atop the ash until all hissing sounds stop. The most obvious culprit that one might consider, are the current drought conditions in the West.
The creation of our national parks also exacerbated the problem, since there’s really no point in having a park if you’re just going to let it burn, right? Where once we had numerous small fires of little consequence, now a mere spark can burn tens of thousands of acres in a day.
And even if they did, many of our forests have gone so long without burning, that it may be impossible to do a controlled burn without it growing out of control.

Smokey Bear is all about prevention, which is great, but what about surviving forest fires?
The short answer is that a wall of flame can move at 20 mph or faster and easily overtake a runner. Other causes include fireworks, sparks from equipment or vehicles, burning leaves or debris or even cigarettes tossed from cars. Many years later older teenage son and I helped a short handed FS crew pull hoses on our way home from an OA Ordeal.
Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado also experienced their worst wildfires in the past seven years. However, while the lack of water certainly isn’t helping, this trend predates the droughts.
They burn away the old and usher in the new, and there are plenty of plant species that require a routine burning to reproduce. The only thing we can do is let these megafires consume decades of short-sighted fire prevention strategies, and try to do a better job of managing our forests next time around. Plus, embers might travel in unpredictable directions via updrafts or so-called “chimneys,” igniting new flare-ups ahead of you as you try to outrun the fire. This is because the hot air masses created by the fire tend to move up, making higher elevations more prone to ignition.
If you must run, try to make it through the leading edge of the fire into an area that has already burned.
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