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Many edible mushrooms have deadly look twins, so it is best to stick to mushrooms with undeniably recognizable traits. The size, color and appearance of mushrooms not only varies from species to species, it can change with the age of the mushroom. Be sure to bring at least 2 resource books that correctly show you how to identify edible mushrooms and how to spot the ones you want to avoid. I was surprised the other day to hear from a friend that her grandchildren had collected the seed pods of a locust tree and that the seeds were edible if properly prepared.
In either case, whether a legume or insect, it’s good to become familiar with edible food sources. Do you have survival skills?!I'm always looking for new survival skills to try and feature in a blog. The graphics are nothing to write home about – as can be seen from the screenshots I included.
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Although ants are very skilled in their communication and task outputs, strange things do happen to these insects.
Once the fungus has a good grip on the ant’s central nervous system, it will make the ant leave its colony, and climb a tree where it will latch onto and bite into a leaf (referred to as the ‘death grip’), unable to move any further. This whole phenomenon is quite scary in the sense that the fungi actually prefer mammal hosts!
Fortunately for us city dwellers who experience an ant problem, we can always call the Rentokil experts to put in place an ant control solution should we find ourselves wondering how to get rid of ants that plague our homes.
The M16 rifle and the M4 carbine are semi-automatic and automatic weapons that originated in the U.S.
The M4's design was based on shortening the barrel length without compromising long-range accuracy, faster firing action, capability of setting a three-shot pattern, and basic versatility for additional equipment (flash suppressors, silencer, grenade launchers, etc.). About 80% of the M4 is based on M16 parts, making these weapons somewhat interchangeable and reducing new manufacturing costs. The M4 barrel measures 33 inches (840 mm) with the stock extended and just 29.75 inches (756 mm) with the stock retracted.
The M4 magazine is sturdier to reduce in-field failure rates when dealing with sub-optimal conditions and possibly frequent impacts with the ground or structures as soldiers advance or take cover. One advantage the M16 has is that the selector switch is easily reached and set without needing to take eyes off of a target. The M16, like all weapon systems, started out with a reputation of being less reliable than its predecessor (the M14).
Although the M4 has not had as much extensive field use when compared to the M16 or the AK-47, it, too, showed some early reliability issues. The Army-issued M4 has undergone over 90 design improvements over the years, which led to the upgraded M4A1 model of the carbine. In response to complaints, the Army has called for weapons manufacturers to begin producing another round of upgrades to the military-grade carbine.
Slowik and others have stated that the design flaws seen in the M4 and M4A1 have been well-known for a long time, and that the M4A1+ standard is an acknowledgment of these flaws. When the Pentagon began a search for an M16 replacement, several designs were presented by manufacturers such as Colt, FN Herstel, Heckler & Koch, and Remington. Use of the Colt M4 began in combat conditions in 2001, but reports of frequent failures (mainly jamming) kept the overall approval rating of the weapon under 95%, at best. In 2004, Colt filed a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement on the term "M4" against Heckler & Koch and Bushmaster. I perfer the M16A4 since I was able to engage a POINT Target at 843 yards using a T31 ACOG. The M-4 and M-16 both have the same function so both suffer from the possibility of having foreign objects in the star chamber, barrel, magazine well, etc. M16 is not necessarily more accurate, in fact its generally less so because the shorter barrel is stiffer. I stress to my students that food is just the building blocks of your body and it comes in different forms. That means it’s an ongoing game development in its early stages, and may contain bugs and missing features.
The developer tried to make it as realistic as possible, so forget about health packs, health restoring food or sleep, and so on. It is facilitated with ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor which makes the handset to support both two G and three G network. Ant colonies are seamlessly organised, including millions of hard working inhabitants that are each assigned tasks to perform. It is apparent in its counter fungi it will release to kill off the zombie ant fungi, known as hyperparisites. Although, according to David Hughes, assistant professor of entomology and biology at Pennsylvania State University, such an outbreak as described above would most likely come from a virus than fungus.
Thank goodness we have a local expert that we can count on to restore the ‘balance’ of the ant population, instead of resorting to Mother Nature’s punitive ant control tactics! Although she is in love with nature and its elements, the creepy crawlies do sometimes get to her - especially Jo'burg's repulsively large, hissing Parktown Prawns!

Learn all about the life cycles and habits of crawling and flying insects as well as rodents, birds and other wildlife.
Pentagon began a competition to replace the M16 Rifle with a carbine design using a shorter barrel for close-quarter combat. The gas-operated direct impingement system uses a rotating bolt to strike a smaller caliber bullet (5.56x45mm) than what was used in the M14, allowing for higher magazine loads (more bullets) and faster rounds. Although the cartridge remains the same between the two, the jacketing and powder mix have been modified to increase firing speed and impact profile. Its size gave it higher velocity with minimal recoil and created a flatter trajectory that improved accuracy.
At that length, it provides greater accuracy than the M14 or AK-47; however, the barrel is too long for close combat efficiency.
The smaller barrel length allows for greater control in close quarters, not only for mobility, but also for firing. It is manufactured from stamped (or mold-pressed) aluminum and is weaker structurally than most other weapons' magazines, leading to more frequent failure. It holds 30 bullets and is somewhat easier to switch out than the M16's, but it does require some basic training for mastery. This lets the user switch from semi-automatic to automatic fire and back, but the switch's small size makes it difficult to use under stressful conditions. The selector switch is larger and easier to set without losing sight of targets, while the breakdown components for maintenance are relatively neutral, although still somewhat more favorable to right-handed users. The gas-piston system failed in several early variants, though the problem was traced to differences in manufacturing rather than intrinsic design flaws.
The M4A1+ standard seeks to improve performance and accuracy with an extended forward rail and a low-profile gas block, among other upgrades. Their prototypes and others were tested extensively as early as 1983, with several trials taking place up to 1994.
The early jamming issues were resolved in manufacturing, and in 2009, the Pentagon permitted other makers to begin manufacturing M4 weapons and accessories.
Heckler & Koch settled out of court and changed their use of the term on a similar weapon, but in 2005, Bushmaster won the case as the court stated that "M4" had become a generic term. Proper care and maintenance will prevent 99% of problems related to debris blockage of your weapon.
However the 20 inch m16 has greater range and about double the fragmentation range firing the m855 round.
The Bug Out Bag List is a basic list of essential items to survive for a minimum of seventy-two hours hours period when evacuating you home from a disaster emergency situation. Clothing should be waterproof, but lightweight, as often, considerable walking is involved. Learn from community members or friends what mushrooms are growing in your woods, when and where. Golden chanterelles are another popular harvesting variety, but do have a dangerous and similar relative. It is important to realize that though mushrooms are a delicious and nutritious food, proper identification is essential. You can get bandages, antiseptic, antibiotics, painkillers and so on, but they won’t do you much good once your health meter starts dropping to dangerous levels, and if you encounter one of the many wolves roaming around this frozen tundra, well, you are liable to end up as a bloodless popsicle in no time.
It’s a very difficult game, there are no saves (at least none yet) and you end up dying surprised every time, but you learn something new every time, and the map is never exactly the same. Queens are responsible for laying eggs to ensure the survival of the ant colony, and males are in charge of mating with winged queens.
In tropical rain forests, a fungus named “Ophiocordyceps” is prevalent, known to balance the ant population if it gets too large.
It will then enter the ant’s nervous system by sticking so tightly that it uses enzymes and pressure to blow a hole through the ant’s body. This secondary fungus will grow over the zombie ant fungus and its stalk, preventing it from spouting spores.
He further says that fungi are a positive force of nature; “Fungi are remarkably good at producing compounds that affect the physiology and the neurobiology of mammals”. Find out how to deal with common pest problems such as insect bites, stings and noises in the attic. The emergence of the Russian AK-47 forced a redesign of the M14 to increase firepower and dependability, resulting in the adoption of the M16 during the Vietnam War. Although M16 variants with shorter barrels were in widespread use, they were noisy, difficult to handle, and had poor accuracy. There was also greater need for suppressive power, basically the capacity to shoot faster with more accuracy, which the M4's design has tried to meet. Cut-down M16 barrels lose accuracy and create more flash, so a shorter carbine variant was needed to address current battlefield realities. The barrel is easily interchangeable, a general design feature of the M4 aimed at making the weapon more versatile and easier to maintain in the field. In this, it hews more closely to the AK-47 design in order to provide a more reliable firing action in field conditions.
M16s hold 20 or 30 bullets each and can be replaced quickly, though anyone who will use the rifle will need training for some time to master the replacement process.

Most of the weight lost in the M4 is related to the barrel and stock, not to the metal-based parts that make up the firing mechanisms. Left-handed users of the M16 complain that the design makes it difficult for them to field-strip it for maintenance. One improvement the M16 provided was a much higher manufacturing standard that now gives the weapon a service life of 20,000 to 50,000 rounds or more, compared to other assault rifles that max out at between 8,000 and 25,000 rounds. With new iterations, the M4 quickly gained a reputation for reliability, both on the range and in field situations. As recently as 2014, Army generals and soldiers have complained about jamming and overheating in all M4 models. There are no plans to scrap the gas impingement system.[2] Max Slowik, a firearms expert, has said the M4A1+ will share many characteristics with AR-15s found on the commercial market. That same year, the estimated cost of the M4 was about $243 more per unit, meaning that the M4 upgrade would cost $916 per carbine. That year, a single-source order for the Colt M4 was made, essentially closing down the competition. Print the Bug Out Bag List using your inkjet or laser printer and start preparing you Bug Out Bag now. Knowing how to identify edible mushrooms is a real skill and it would take years of study and fieldwork to gain expert status.
If possible, ask and experience picker to join you until you are confident in your ability to correctly know how to find your mushroom and where to locate it.
Be sure to have several reliable sources and that you can confidently and safely identify harvest the mushroom you seek. Even though this is the first time I have heard of something like this taking place (a real-life zombie fungus!), fossil evidence proves that it has been around for the last 48 million years, known to kill ants mercilessly! The zombie ant fungi parasites itself; feeding off the ant’s non-vital organs for reproduction purposes. Development of the M16 required several iterations because of bullet design, firing modes, and structural reliability. After several designs were presented, the Army took over the M4 Carbine development in 2009 and suggested changes in materials and firing action, replacing the impingement mode (like the M16) with a solely gas-operated mode. M16s could be switched from single-fire to semi-automatic and automatic modes, with several variants used by different branches and Special Forces. At present, other modifications to the M4 design are still in progress, responding to both current needs and anticipated future needs of the U.S.
The maximum range of an M16 is about 3,000 yards (2,700 meters), with an effective range of up to 500 yards (460 meters).
The maximum range of an M16 is about 2,000 yards (600 meters), with an effective range of up to 1,700 yards (500 meters).
A major factor in M16 maintenance is lubrication, for without consistent cleaning and oiling, the weapon's performance deteriorates noticeably, even in recent variants.
Range tests now have the M4 firing at least 1,600 rounds before jamming, up from 800, while in field conditions, soldiers report almost no failures, with the ones that are reported often due to improper or overly-delayed maintenance. Although other similar weapons were still being tested around the world, the Pentagon backed Colt in what amounted to an exclusive contract. The free printable Bug Out Bag List is very basic and you can add other items not included here. Paper bags are best for some specimen, so try and have some bags available for transferring mushrooms from the basket. Lastly, the female workers have the hardest job of all: nursing larvae, digging nests, foraging for food and guarding the colony. Furthermore, hyperparasites have a sterilizing effect on the zombie ant fungi, rendering it futile. The M4 has been in widespread use by tactical forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and is scheduled to fully replace the M16 as standard issue by 2018.
Includes items like water bottle, multi-tool, freeze dried food, portable water filter, survival knife, paracord, emergency ration bars, whistle, poncho, compass, tent, fire starter, flashlight, etc. They are all exquisitely rich and distinct in flavor and retail on the market for considerable price. Interestingly enough, this trail of pheromones can also indicate the social status of an ant in that particular nest! The poor six-legged insect will walk around aimlessly – zombie-like – convulsing from time to time.
So here’s hoping this sort of take-over stays firmly rooted – excuse the pun – in the ant colony! The M16 competes with the AK-47 in worldwide sales, and the M4 is expected to be sold more globally well before 2020.
This is Mother Nature’s very own form of ant control, but it harshly differs from what we know in zombie movies – Cordyceps attacks whilst its victim is completely alive!

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