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It is firmly planted in our minds that a crisis scenario requires knives,  EDC  bags, lighters, fire-starters, waterproof matches, binoculars, compasses and so many others gear items. The Amish have been using this medicine for a long time for treating many diseases and improving the immune system. There are various pieces of advice that survivalists and preppers give concerning flour storage. However, the typical basement is damp, and moisture is worse than temperature in causing food to go bad. Wheat berries are sometimes recommended for long-term storage over flour.There is a claim among some preppers that the berries keep much better than the flour. Oxidation of any food can be reduced in a number of ways, so as to increase the shelf-life of the food. But oxidation occurs more readily in the presence of moisture, so you should also use silica gel packets or salt in the buckets. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In today’s use it and toss it society, I simply couldn’t fathom why in the world my Grandpa kept this junk. Because over the years since we’ve been back, I’ve realized the true value of that junk pile. As odd as it may seem to save junk, recycling and reusing becomes crucial when the modern economy is gone. But, what if you have a whole herd and depended on a milker? What powers your machine milker?
Learn everything you can about the mechanics behind the automated systems you use every day. Don’t wait until food becomes scarce; start preparing for the future now by becoming as self-reliant as possible. You can’t just plop a variety of seeds in the ground and expect to magically grow enough food to feed yourself and your family for the entire year. Take a look at what you’re currently doing for food production. Do you run a rototiller over the ground each year? What happens if we lose power indefinitely — foods that require freezing or refrigeration for long term storage are going to go bad. You’ll probably need to do some innovating to get your equipment to pull by animal instead of machine. You can look for older equipment now, while you still have the benefit of used marketplaces. It’s not only the planting of the field that you should think about, it’s also the watering. Water typically runs on a pump. You can also build a series of wooden troughs to carry water from a waterfall or creek if you have one on your property. To harvest your plants without machinery, you’ll need to learn how it was done in the past. Only you know exactly what you’ll need to switch your automated systems over to manual ones. Instead of throwing away things that break, see if you can come up with a more innovative solution. While you can’t learn everything there is to know, you can learn a little about a lot of things.
Every bit of knowledge and hands on mechanical experience you gain will help make you stronger in the future. August 31, 2014 by Rob Hanus 7 Comments Keeping up with the recent theme of exploring common objects and finding preparedness uses for them, this month’s article looks at some prepper uses for plastic sheeting, sometimes called Visqueen. Plastic sheeting is a polyethylene film, available in clear and black, and in various thicknesses.
Because this sheeting is available in many combinations of colors, widths, lengths and thicknesses, knowing what you may want to do with it can help determine what size to get.
These four rolls will give you a good assortment of plastic sheeting and they should be available at a store near you or through Amazon. Looking at the rolls of plastic sheeting in the store, the packages may look nearly identical, so pay close attention to the description on the actual packaging. While the uses are near infinite, here are some for expedient purposes with regards to preparedness. One issue is securing the visqueen in place, as the sheets have no grommets or stake loops. You can easily pound a stake through the sheeting, but this may lead to tearing, which is why setting rocks on them is better. Make sure to test your tarp clips with the thickness of sheeting you have to confirm it provides a secure hold.

Likewise, you can use this sheeting to cover your expedient water (or other) supplies to help keep them free from debris.
If you have a kiddie pool or other large container that has a leak, you can line it with plastic sheeting and make it waterproof again. Though it may seem like we already covered this above, collecting rain is something different. Suspending plastic sheeting horizontally, with one corner lower than the others, will allow you to collect rainwater efficiently.
Be sure to stock up on bleach, perhaps calcium hypochlorite, and other supplies and equipment to purify any rain water collected. This common, everyday use of visqueen can also be important during a survival scenario such as a winter storm power outage or even a furnace breaking down. With the open floor plans of today’s newer homes, closing off a room may not be as easy as closing a door. In addition to creating expedient shelter, it can also be used to make temporary repairs on your home. Even if you have a kiddie pool for this purpose, you should store some plastic sheeting, just in case. Speaking of complete opaqueness, black plastic sheeting is a great, cheap solution for blacking out your windows. The article 15 Preparedness Uses for Kiddie Pools suggested using two nested pools for a large solar distiller (or a pool with an inner catch container). During a pandemic, from influenza to Ebola, you may need to create a safe room in order to protect you and your family. Making an safe or isolated room with plastic sheeting typically requires you to overlap the layers to create an entrance portal. To use, simply apply with the adhesive backing, unzip, and cut a slit where the zipper is open. Plastic sheeting can be used to create an expedient greenhouse to increase your growing season.
Even so, extending the growing season by keeping the plants warmer overnight and exposing them to sunlight during the day has definite advantages.
With the many uses for plastic sheeting, for everyday and preparedness use, stock up on them now while they’re easily available.
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When we first moved back to the family property, I thought his old junk pile was an eyesore. Since each of us have a different lifestyle and processes, we won’t all need the exact same things. Grab a piece of paper and write down all of the systems you’re currently using that run on electricity and modern machinery. You might even get away with switching to once a day milking depending on how much milk your ladies are giving.
Your long-term chances of survival could very well depend on your ability to feed yourself and your family without relying on someone else. Then you cover it with a thick layer of mulch.  When it’s time to plant, you gently remove some of the mulch, and bury your seeds.
Horse drawn machinery are often cheaper than their modern counterparts, and  they’re also easier to work on. If you don’t have power, you’ll lose the accessibility of water. Gravity fed systems are one solution. This one requires a little more mechanical know-how, as you’ll have to ensure your angles are correct. You’ll definitely need to have raw materials and tools on hand to keep your systems in good repair. While the uses for plastic sheeting is seemingly endless, we’re going to focus on those that serve us in our preparedness plans.
It’s available just about anywhere selling hardware, in both black and clear, and in several thicknesses. They may have colors and even patterns available, if you want to get fancy, but they will usually sell different sizes than discussed here. When rolled, it’s only about 16 inches high, but unfolds to the width listed on the package. Worrying about whether the plastic sheeting is rated as food grade when your family is dying of thirst is foolhardy. A couple of rolls of sheeting can make a quick expedient shelter for a large number of people or equipment. If you pack tarp clips with your plastic sheeting, most of these will work well for providing tie-down locations.

As when using as a tarp, you need to find a way to secure the sheeting so that it doesn’t blow away with the first wind. The hard part (hopefully) will be having enough container space to store all the water you’re collecting.
Roofs and windows broken from storm damage let the rainwater in, adding to the overall damage.
Your whiz-bang expedient shower will make more of an impression if it also includes an expedient shower curtain. When the power is out in the entire area, the last thing you want to is advertise you have light, whether from emergency candles, lanterns, or solar-battery-powered lighting. Additionally, if you have people show up at your house after the pandemic has taken hold in your area, you will need to isolate them until the incubation period is over.
Please note, safe room operations require more than just a roll of plastic, but it’s an important component. However, there is a product that makes creating a door in plastic sheeting, or even tarps, much easier. You could even use the tarp zipper door trick from above and create roll-up sides for your expedient greenhouse. Whole wheat berries contain oils in the bran, which go rancid from oxidation of the lipids after a number of months.
If the food is loose (beans, rice, wheat berries), then you are probably better off with the silica gel. So these three factors — cooler storage temperature, less moisture, and of course less oxygen — all reduce oxidation and prolong food storage times. But a willingness to work won’t get you very far if you don’t have a pile of materials to work with.
We’ve used scrap metal and junk to fill a need and solve problems around the homestead. And we’ve saved a lot of money. You might want to consider having an older vehicle around, just because it’s easier to work on.
You’ll learn more about your car, and start building a relationship with someone local with a mechanically minded skill-set. But, instead of digging the new stuff in, you just top-dress it by adding layer upon layer up on top. The impact on the land is a lot less, as harrows pierce the ground instead of turning it over. Dexter cattle have been called a tri-purpose cow because they’re good for meat, milk, and work. This makes for an easy to carry roll, but forces you to know how much you need before you make any cuts.
Not as good as a heavy duty tarp or an actual tent, but much better than having nothing for protection against the elements of wind and precipitation. The Survival Mom has 5 55 gallon drums to collect and hold water — 1 per person and an extra barrel for pets and watering a few food-producing plants.
While not thermally efficient (meaning insulative), it does limit the air flow, which keeps the warmer air in the room and not escaping to the rest of the house.Who knew plastic sheeting, aka visqueen, could be so versatile? Clear thick plastic sheeting is usually cloudy enough to occlude seeing through it, but there’s always black for those that demand complete opaqueness.
The less people know about your preparedness activities, the better, and this includes during and after a critical event, even a worst case scenario as depicted in One Second After.
You might also want to buy a roll or two of transparent duct tape in case you need to attach one panel to the other.
The more familiar you are with the parts and pieces, the more likely you’ll be able to repair it when the time comes. Click on the banner below to find out more about their way of living and use their secrets for your survival. If you have two containers that are leaking and nest together, you can sandwich the sheeting in between them.
While rainwater collected from rooftops is good for the garden, with all the bird feces and other contaminates present in roof runoff, it’s not too good for drinking.
The less moisture you have, the lower the oxidation rate (except for fats, which are not affected by moisture levels). On the other hand, the berries have much less surface area, which is also a factor in oxidation.
It is easy to cut, so err on the side of bigger if you’re not sure what size you will need.

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