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The northern rivers’ lead koala conservation organization, Friends of the Koala, has helped start a new alliance devoted to the protection and survival of Australia’s remaining koala populations.
The National Koala Alliance (NKA), which was launched yesterday, aims to ensure the national icon survives and thrives for future generations. The NKA grew out of the National Koala Conference held in Port Macquarie in May 2013, where many koala experts came together and identified a need to join forces to save the unique animal.
We need to immediately protect koalas from the catastrophic consequences of NSW government policies. Mrs Vass highlighted the damaged caused by unsympathetic infrastructure development such as the Pacific Highway upgrade in the northern rivers, ‘in particular the controversial, conditionally approved Section 10, which is threatening the survival of a nationally significant population of around 200 koalas’.
NKA Coordinator Greg Johnstone said the situation facing koalas is so critical that a national approach to their conservation is now needed. Property developers have had a boom time, and now it’s time for a sustainable and innovative economic model. Echonetdaily is made possible by the support of all of our advertisers and is brought to you by this week's sponsors Vast Interior Ballina and Byron Shire Community Action Network.

The Fox Parang Bushcraft Survival knife is an excellent quality razor sharp tool that makes a very complete survival system. The Olive Green cordura belt sheath has multiple tie down options to carry it in your choice.
Although it only lasted for a few hours, news about the spending limit being erased broke out quickly. As the upcoming potential for a government shutdown looms, I can’t help but think – what if the United States no longer had the money to provide funds for the food stamp program?
We recommend storing at least 2500 calories per person per day, and stock piling enough food for between 6 months to a year’s worth of time. If you want to survive in TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), you need a skill. A new national body, the National Koala Alliance, is calling for immediate federal action to save the species.
It is a non-profit network of koala conservation, welfare, advocacy and research groups working in habitat conservation, political lobbying and the protection of individual koalas.

Lazy Sunday for those wielding a youtube with intent) – but why haven’t you included contact details for NKA? It is of a full tang construction which makes it very tough and has an Olive Green Forprene handle. It comes with quite a comprhensive survival kit that is packaged in a clamp shut tin which is packed in a green cordura sheath that can be attached to the main sheath or carried separately on a belt. Approximately 50 per cent of threatened species in Australia occur within koala habitat areas.

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