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Actress Megalyn Echikunwoke has bewitched the viewers of many TV shows with her knowing charm and stunning looks, showing up on everything from period sitcoms to sci-fi dramas. With a black Nigerian father and a white American mother, Echikunwoke was seemingly predisposed to a wide cultural and ethnic understanding from birth, an aspect of her personality that was bolstered by growing up on a Navajo Indian Reservation. She found month-to-month work, soon scoring a recurring role on the first season of 24 as Nicole Palmer.

At 14 she attended an arts-oriented summer camp, where she was discovered by her manager while performing a monologue. She additionally made guest appearances on production like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica_Mars, and starred in a series called Like_Family.
She played a recurring character on That_’70s_Show in 2004, before signing on to play the grown-up version of Isabelle Tyler on the sci-fi series The_4400.

She stayed with the show for 2 seasons, after which she joined the cast of the 2008 drama correct.

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