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Director Silvino Tejada of the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Soil and Water Management said he plans to talk to owners and administrators of buildings in Metro Manila so the agency can help them and their tenants develop vegetable gardening even on roofdecks. He said such action is needed since Metro Manila’s vegetable supply is jeopardized when calamities strike due to difficulty in raising and transporting the produce.
By growing one’s own food, PCARRD noted that urban farming complements rural food production. Tejada is bullish about the roof deck vegetable gardening bid, convinced that helping bring food security is part of the private sector’s corporate social responsibility. Customers in El Paso, TX who have dined in have said that it feels like you're actually in Italy.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Such complementary action is timely, particularly since arable land is being converted to subdivisions, urban centers are expanding, there’s industrial development and environmental degradation exists, PCARRD also said.
He said the BSWM is prepared to teach building owners, administrators and tenants how to grow vegetables in roof decks.
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