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This picture below is titled the KFC maggot because that little fellow showed up in the KFC bag of leftovers that was tossed in the corner. To learn about preventing maggots in the first place, click here.Some of these ways listed below to get rid of maggots or to kill maggots that you are already living with, carry a degree of danger with using them. For the complete list of pests with pictures, and solutions, on this 500 page website, please click the A to Z link. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
Have you ever felt that shiver crawl up your back after you pull off your sock and there IT is – thick, black, shiny and fattened on your blood?
Australia and South-East Asia are the only known places where leeches live on land, usually in wet or moist forests.
Australia’s known land species are found on the east coast, east of the Great Dividing Range. Leeches contain a component in their saliva which prevents blood from clotting and allows them to have their fill before dropping off. Unlike ticks, leeches do not burrow into the skin nor will they leave a poisonous head in the wound. It is probably a good idea to get a fresh wad of cotton wool and dab a little tea tree oil onto the open wound to prevent infection. Today leeches are being used to assist in reducing swelling and clotting in some surgical procedures, particularly microsurgery.

To avoid leeches try rubbing vulnerable areas with lotions such as tea tree oil-based creams as well as cream insect-repellants. This tree is native to southern China, where a substantial industry once revolved around the harvesting and processing of its waxy seeds. Chinese tallow tree will grow in most soils, but prefers a well-drained sandy loam enriched with organic matter.
Plants for sale are usually grown from seed and the colour of their autumn display will vary greatly.
Here is a cute little mermaid cake that you can make for a mermaid themed or sea themed party.
These rice like wriggling creatures are nasty, upsetting, vile, and another thousand words that describe things that we humans don't want around. It is difficult to distinguish land or aquatic leeches by sight alone and many species are brightly coloured and marked. While leeches are not known to spread disease, a particular type of bacteria has been identified in their stomachs which may be passed onto the host. For example, when reattaching a severed finger tiny blood vessels in the finger can be blocked by clotted blood. Noel Tait, a senior lecturer in Biology at Macquarie University was of great assistance in the preparation of our television story on this subject. They were thrown into boiling water to remove the wax, which was skimmed off and used to make candles.

In autumn the mid-green leaves turn crimson, with some yellow, orange and ruby-red foliage. The bulk of the world’s recorded leech species are aquatic and become attached when paddling in creeks or rivers. Leeches have been used to remove excess blood and their anticoagulant serum allows the blood vessels to flow freely.
The seeds were then pressed to extract an oil for use in lamps, as a purgative, and for making oil-paper and soap. In November and December greenish yellow flower spikes appear on the tips of the branches, followed by 3-celled capsules. Chinese tallow trees are widely available at nurseries, or ask your nursery to order one for you. These days Chinese tallow tree is grown mostly as an ornamental, and it is one of the few deciduous trees to produce good autumn colour in areas with mild winters. The fruit ripens and turns brown in autumn, then splits open to reveal three seeds which are covered with a layer of pure white wax.

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