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St Michael’s is in the heart of Mounts Bay, a few hundred metres off-shore from Marazion, a charming small town that remains a hidden gem.
Marazion beach is the gateway of St Michael’s Mount, a large sandy beach with privileged views to the Lizard Peninsula, Britain’s most southerly point. There are some conveniences in the village, including a restaurant, souvenir shop and tourist centre, where they give the chance to pay the entrance to visit just the castle or the magnificent gardens also. The walk up to the Castle is a bit of a challenge, but you can take your time and enjoy the spectacular views on the climb up. The island, which served as an important port in earlier times, it’s thought to be the centre for the export of Cornish tin and copper to the ancient Greeks and Romans.
It’s has also been a site with religious significance and a place of pilgrimage traditionally back to the 5th century, after a group of people had a vision of the Archangel of St Michael appeared over the mount.
The castle, originally a Benedictine Priory built in the 11th century, was linked to the also renowned Mont St Michel in Normandy.

The castle is so amazingly designed that walking over the corridors you are as though living in the past: antique furniture, valuable relics and war armour are beautifully displayed in the rooms, meanwhile brasses, carvings and beautiful paintings are preserved in the chapel. Father's Day is a celebration of fathers began in the United States in the early twentieth century.
It’s a tidal island, which means you can walk there in low tide through the causeway meanwhile it becomes submerged at high tide. I was amazingly surprised to see that residents put on a spectacular floral display outside their homes and businesses every summer. It’s most fun to be able to walk at least one way across the cobbled path and take a boat the other. Surprisingly, there is a tiny village with eight buildings, most of them houses of the former residents, now occupied by staff working in the Mount. Later, it became a fortified castle during English Civil War and has been home of St Aubyn family for centuries.

Look down to see the subtropical terraced garden and enjoy the breath-taking views of spectacular Mount’s Bay. They are laid out in terraces with unusual and subtropical plants and left us enjoying stunning views in a magical landscape before saying goodbye to the island. On top of that, the island is crowned by a medieval church and a castle and is home to an exotic sub-tropical garden. It’s a really strange feeling when you walk to the Mount because it is so far from the coastline. Birthday gifts are common father ties, socks, underwear, sweaters, slippers and other items of clothing.

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