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NOTE: If you're uploading stuff to the GitHub, please do NOT send your adjusted version of the default settings.
EDIT: Wahn's added more Elijah fun, this time threesome fun between Elijah+Candy and a female player. The Butterfly's gender issues and the testosterone pill have been tweaked and should function better. I'm just writing to report in on the recent small additions and updates that have been made.
I also adjusted the mechanics for the bear hug special attack to be slightly more forgiving if you find yourself in a tough scrape (which you may need, since the Stablemaster can now bear hug you). Some more content from Kaleem was sent along: a Manticore creature and another batch of events, mainly located at the College Campus. Also, the tally is in for May's bonus hours, with an expansion to the main storyline being chosen. For your first step I would recommend checking out the skill tree for each character and see which you think you would prefer. During this step you should do every non-challenge related achievement before you do the final main story mission as the items you acquire for doing the monkeys' side missions may be of benefit to you. I recommend completing challenges last as you'll be able to use your existing character for them which will make it somewhat easier.
While it's not a very long completion it is a rewarding one due to the challenge it provides. Shortly after starting the game you'll meet a guy named Ramon who will ask you to start a campfire. Begonia Flowers - Near another monkey between 2 barriers that you'll need explosives to destroy. Yellow Guzmania - On the eastern side of the island between two shacks, cut through the bushes to find it. Green Beef Soda - Combine a Bottle of Water (Empty Bottle + Well) with a Guarana Plant and then combine that with a Manual Compressor or a Diving Tank. Monkey Bag - Combine an Animal Skin (can be obtained from any animal you kill) with a Reel. Steak and Mushrooms - Get Fresh Meat off an animal, cook it and then combine it with Brown Mushrooms. Always save Pieces of Fabric and Healing Plants as you can combine them to make a Health Poultice that heals 50% of your health. Green Beef Sodas are great to carry as they completely refill your Sleep and Drink meters as well as heal 50% of your health.
There are two weapons I advise carrying at all times - 2x Triple Sticks Cutting Boomerang and a bow, either a Carbon Crossbow (Carbon Made Mudguard + Reel + Pulleys + Harpoon Grip) if you're playing as Kenji, or Stabilized Carbon Long Bow Pulley (Carbon Made Mudguard + Reel + Pulleys + Handmade Iron Stabilizer [Fork + Iron Stick]). Items that you drop do not disappear so if there is something you want to hang on to for later then it's safe to drop it in a spot and come back for it later, so long as you remembered where you left it. Make sure you take the ability to make explosive arrows (Classic Arrows or Classic Arrows with Feathers + Explosive Charge [Empty Bottle + Gasoline + Piece of Fabric + Chemical Fertilizer] as those help a lot, especially with exploration and during the last mission where you'll have to fight a horde of zombies. Make sure you keep your distance from the fat zombies and kill them with a ranged weapon only.
The main area to watch out for is when you get to the beach area where you first start the story.
Below are the new types of enemies you'll fight as well as the best way to defeat them.
Electrical zombies - Electricity resurrects them, be it an energy pylon, the Electrogun or another electrical zombie. Zombie lizards - Nothing special here, just watch out for the 3-4 little ones that come at you from off the screen when you attack the adult one.

To get Triple Sticks Cutting Boomerang you combine 3x Bone + Machete to get 3 Bone Blades, then combine 2x Bone Blades to get Twin Sticks Boomerang, combine that with another Bone Blade to get Triple Sticks Boomerang, combine with Flint to get Triple Sticks Cutting Boomerang and finally combine with a Red Stone if you want the Golden Triple Sticks Cutting Boomerang variety. You can obtain 1 Electric Device from the monkey quest on Ascuas Island, 3 from the hidden monkeys on Horno, Cenizas and Ascuas Islands (which only show up after completing the story missions), and 7 scattered around Horno, Cenizas and Ascuas islands (thanks to SpinelesS for discovering the 3rd on Ascuas).
Ascuas Island Monkey - He wants a Golden Chalice that you can get from Santa Barbara Island. April 12, 2013 TOS Homeschool Crew 8 Comments History is filled with interesting events and fascinating people, and Knowledge Quest offers unique ways to help students learn about and connect with history. Written and released as 4 episodes, the complete Sacagawea story is now available in this ebook, beginning with Stolen!, and followed by Passage, Survival and Equal.
KQ TimelineBuilder is an incredibly flexible and feature-packed iPad app for creating custom timelines.
You can see screenshots and a video tutorial on the KQ TimelineBuilder page, then purchase it from the iTunes app store for $6.99. For instance, if you are the wrong gender, a given mutant may just brush you off instead of responding in any meaningful way, or perhaps a mutant that should care that you have a horsecock doesn't react any differently at all.
The experience from completing them as well as the experience earned while working on the miscellaneous achievements will help you reach the maximum level of 15 which will help better prepare you for the remainder of your Ironman playthrough. Once you do his quest you can repair the boat at the eastern dock, board the boat and the achievement will unlock.
I recommend challenge six on either easy or normal if you do it yourself with a second controller. You'll follow a path behind a Gasoline Tank to the northwest which is the only way to get to the raised area with this herb. I found the easiest ones to get an S ranking on were challenge four on easy or normal, challenge six on easy, normal or ironman and challenge eight on easy. You can do it with any combination of challenges on easy, normal or ironman and do them either solo or co-op. You can make them with Bottle of Water (Empty Bottle + Well) + Guarana Root + Manual Compressor or Diving Tank.
You'll want to apply Red Stones to your weapons as that will prevent the boomerangs from breaking as well as boost the damage of whatever weapons you apply a Red Stone to by 50%. They explode when you kill them or when they get too close to you and a single one can kill you that way.
You're given enough parts to build a variety of weapons at the beginning, a Wooden Crossbow (Flexible Branch + Reel + Pulleys + Harpoon Grip - Kenji only), a Precision Rifle (Harpoon Grip + Manual Compressor + Long Tube + Hardware) or a Wooden Long Bow Pulley (Flexible Branch + Reel + Pulleys).
There you'll start to encounter the spider-like creatures that come up from under the ground. My recommended way involves a Molotov Cocktail (Empty Bottle + Gasoline Tank or Jerry Can with Gasoline in it + Piece of Fabric) and a safe house you haven't cleared yet.
The zombies will start to attack the zombie deer and eventually kill it so you won't be able to get this with a single zombie deer. If you're using a weapon that can pierce enemies, like a crossbow, some of the bows and the precision rifle, then that just makes it even easier. Just find the Satellite Crank in the safe house on the eastern part of Ascuas Island, the Transmitter Coordinates (which are usually in a shack on the beach in the southern part of the island or just to the east of it) and head to the northern part of Ascuas Island where you'll fight two of the giant abomination type zombies. Draw them away from the energy pylons or, and this is the permanent way, use a melee finisher as they will never resurrect then. Find all 10 Electric Devices and bring them to him to complete the quest and receive your reward. You use that on the lift on the eastern part of the island to fix it and then use it and the achievement will unlock.
I recommend going for this mostly on the main game islands since you can actually reanimate one of the zombie types in the El Diablo Islands, it's the one crackles with electricity.

There are seven Golden Chalices so there will be two left on the island after you do the quest for the monkey who wants five of them. You'll also have to have the Electrogun selected as your active weapon and in the quick use area(where you hold to use items) to unlock the achievement. It is an interactive ebook for kids ages 10 and up, with embedded links that readers can click in order to gain a deeper understanding of the life and times of one of America’s most honored women.
Child friendly (ages 10+), TimelineBuilder encourages learning about important events in science, history, art, and literature. The player will be asked to collect various samples for the mouse and will receive a number of rewards as well. Once he gives you the ok you'll have to fix it (naturally) with the engine timing belt that Kovac gave you.
You cannot play the same challenge over and over as it only saves your highest score in any particular challenge combination. You cannot use them as a quick use item though which is why I advise trying to carry around plenty of Health Poultices too since they can be used as a quick use item. Carrying two Triple Sticks Cutting Boomerangs doesn't let you throw two at a time but it does seem to make it faster, both in the speed of your attacks as well as the speed of aiming for head shots with it.
Once you've killed them fix the transmitter and activate it and the achievement will unlock. The reward gives you a remote that you can use to change the weather from clear to storming or vice versa which makes it easy to recharge your Electrogun as well as refill any wells you're near. To do this you'll need to build the Electrogun (Harpoon grip + Tesla Coil + Big Fork + Capacitor + Hardware). The electrogun is good to use against the spacesuit zombies though as it bypasses their armor. You can choose beginning and ending dates, then add, edit, and delete events on your timeline.
If the player continues the quest to its conclusion, they will be forced to make a choice between fighting Doctor Mouse or betraying Doctor Matt.
I have tested some of the achievements in co-op and had no problems unlocking them on both GTs however I've also seen a few rare complaints about only player one getting achievements so keep that in mind when deciding how to play. The challenges I completed for this achievement were challenge #1 solo on easy, #2 solo on easy, #3 solo on easy, #4 solo on easy and normal, #6 solo on easy, normal and ironman, #6 co-op on easy and normal, and #8 solo on easy and normal.
Since most zombies will be outside you just let them build up until you have the amount you need and throw the Molotov Cocktail. If you fail on your first attempt just try again until you get it as you'll have plenty of chances before you finish the game. With a Golden Triple Sticks Cutting Boomerang you'll have to hit it four times in the face, the second hit will crack the face shield and the fourth will kill it. You can also build it with an Amplifier instead of a Capacitor which will make it more powerful but will not hit enough targets so make sure you use a Capacitor. Make your timeline unique by manipulating the size and placement of images, and choosing different backgrounds. Anywhere there are a group of zombies feeding on a corpse on the ground is a good spot to try this.
Not just for history buffs, TimelineBuilder can also be used to illustrate family trees or organize the steps of a project.

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