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Long before your baby starts talking, she’s already building the language center in her brain. We often get the question posed to us, “how can I help my toddler to talk?” The short is answer is blunt and very obvious: talk to your child!
How do you find apps for your kids that are not only fun, but provide the necessary tools to build language and speech skills? That’s right, just make sure you are directly engaging your toddler in a wide variety of activities that are rich in language. Studies have shown that the most enthusiastic and voracious readers received early introduction to reading at home.
The first years of a child’s life are the most important part of developing speech, language and cognitive skills. Everywhere you look is another advertisement for yet another toy that your child MUST have!  Barbie, Play Dough, Nintendo Wii, Lego sets…these are always great gifts that most children will love. Like many parents, you have likely been waiting months for your child to finally say a real word!  Sure, the grunts, pointing and babbling sounds are cute, but that moment your child utters her first word is priceless!   Once the first word is spoken however, there is no turning back.

I am about to becoming an unapologetic, unabashed geek about one of my all time favorite topics: the crazy sounds of the world’s languages. Encourage your child to make reading a part of every day life by adding a few simple steps to your daily routine. It’s important for parents to create activities to help develop these language skills by providing stimulation and creating opportunities to foster these developing language skills. But, what about toys that are fun for kids and can help build language skills and increase vocabulary at the same time?  Is that even possible? This is a recommendation that is rooted in reams of research in the field of speech-language pathology and allied disciplines. As you might imagine the clinical founder of Speech Buddies, a revolutionary, evidence-based tool set for treating speech sound disorders, has a deep interest in phonetics.
If you are modeling reading at home, it’s likely your child will follow your footsteps and learn to love to read.
However, just hearing from me, “talk to your child!” might leave you frustrated and wanting more: how do talk to my child?

Phonetics is the branch of the social science of linguistics that studies how sounds are produced, where the tongue is placed, how it moves during speech and how the air flow is shaped.
Of course, they don’t need to read the Wall Street Journal, but by offering a wide variety of reading material around the house, your child will be encouraged to pick up a book and start making reading a habit. I will come out right now and admit that on down time, when my kids are asleep and I finally have an hour to myself, I will actually listen to clips of speakers of some of the world’s most fascinating and (let’s call them crazy) languages.
Again, the answer is YES, and you may be surprised that some very famous toys are actually excellent language building blocks.
I wanted to share some of these exquisite examples of the human sound production system and perhaps to spark an interest in you for yet another wonder of nature.
It is one of the most important things you can do as parent of young child and it can have a positive impact on not only language development, but also on future academic potential and even on emotional development.

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