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You should roll the casualty onto their side to clear their airway, then continue with CPR. The latest European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines recommend a rate of 100 - 120 chest compressions a minute. If you find someone collapsed, what is the first thing you should you do? On an adult casualty, what is the ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths? A certificate is essentially a document or written paper that is used to attest that someone or a group of people has completed a certain job, training or any other piece of work. First aid is the basic health services or paramedic services that are provided to injured or sick patients once they are brought into emergency.
This course is designed for all those who have a valid and current First Aid at Work certificate.
It enables the person to respond promptly, safely and effectively to an emergency with confidence. Find a cheaper First aid training in Brampton and we will beat that price by 10% of the difference.

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Tilt their head to one side Move their tongue using your fingers Do nothing - you shouldn’t move them Tilt their head backwards Correct!
Give 2 rescue breaths Give 30 chest compressions Check their pulse Call an ambulance Correct! Stop Continue as normal Quickly roll them to one side to clear the vomit, then continue Inform the ambulance service Correct! If the casualty shows signs of life If you become exhausted If the area becomes too dangerous All of these reasons Correct! Immediately stop CPR Do nothing Check your hands are positioned correctly and continue Do rescue breaths only Correct! A first aid room Automated External Defibrillator available First aid equipment store Danger of electricity Correct! With one hand With two fingers As an adult, but more carefully You can’t do chest compressions on a child Correct! This kind of a certificate is given to a person who has completed a training program associated with first aid provision. For getting first aid training the person need not to be a doctor or nurse, any individual can get first aid training and provide help services whenever needed by someone close to him or her.

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Free Printable First Aid Training Certificate, that can be given to people attending a first aid orientation, training or course.
Any person who successfully learns and completes this process is awarded the first aid training completion certificate template. They may also be used for certifying that a person has completed some kind of an on job or lecture based training while he was employed in the company. They are most widely used in educational institutions, business entities and other training centers. Print this First Aid Training Certificate free using your laser or inkjet printer at best quality settings and quality certificate paper. After they finish the training give them a certificate that can help them remember when they participate in the course.

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