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Heat stroke is a medical emergency caused due to extreme effects of heat on the body where the ability to regulate heat by the body is lost.
Immediately move the person to the coolest area possible and switch on the cooling appliances eg.
When possible immerse the person in a cold water bath making sure the head is kept out of water.
If conscious, give cold water or cold juices, sports drink or lemon juice with salt and sugar.
If person becomes unconscious but is breathing put him in the recovery position to maintain an open airway. Ans: In particular, infants or young children who are left unattended in a  locked car may suffer heat-related illness quickly, since the indoor temperature of a locked car can rise to dangerous levels even in moderate weather. When I’m teaching and we discuss the management of choking it’s common that someone will know someone who has choked or choked themselves. When we talk about the management of choking we aren’t talking about people who are coughing and telling you that something is stuck we are talking about someone who has a completely obstructed airway, so it’s important to know what you are looking for.
The algorithm above is for adults, it’s very similar for children, except for a few small things.
When delivering the back blows if they’re small enough to go over your lap then do so and if possible have their head hanging down. When delivering the abdominal thrusts you can sit them on your lap if they’re small or stand behind them if they’re too big. For under 1s we don’t use abdominal thrusts due to the risk of internal damage so we use Chest thrusts instead.
Please comment and share your experiences.  Also please share this post so more people know what to to.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. National CoverageWith local knowledge and national representation, our local representatives are experts in providing and servicing your business with the right products for your application.

CustomisationWe recognise that first aid standard kits are great for basic use but may not be customised to your type of work environment.
AST Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harnesses™ and Pet Support Suits™ are Made in the USA - Patent Pending. If you are looking at longer-term use, or if you have a full flight or more of stairs to traverse, you might wish to consider the Pet Support Suit™. Wrap: Though the Grip and Suit share the same strap arrangement, the Support Suit has a wrap-around flap secured with Velcro®, to provide additional support and stability, while the Grip is “topless”, with only straps over the dog’s back. Easy to Put On: Both Grips and Suits are designed to wrap around a dog even if it can’t stand.
Heavy Duty Construction: We overbuild our Grips and Suits to provide strength and durability. Materials: Grips and Suits feature rust-proof welded support rings at all four corners, and super strong 800lb-per-inch poly strap. Optional Shoulder Strap: Our Over-the-Shoulder Strap works like a shoulder strap on a duffel bag or large suitcase, to help you carry some of your dogs weight with your shoulder. X-Belly Straps: Grips and Suits both have x-belly straps that cross underneath the torso to spread support and provide lift for the whole body.
Abdominal Cut-out: Grips and Suits both have a cut-out in the abdominal section to accommodate male anatomy and relieve the pressure on the soft underbelly.
Both Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ and Pet Support Suits™ have crossed support straps underneath and an abdominal cut-out, to relieve pressure on the soft belly and accommodate male dogs. One of my daughters choked when they were 2 and her face changed instantly as she realised she couldn’t breathe. The chest compressions may dislodge the obstruction and some air may squeeze passed the obstruction.  The air may get passed when they are unconscious because their airways may be more relaxed. To do this lay them across your lap on their back with their head slightly down, then push down and upwards on their chest between the nipples. Our experienced first aid specialists have access to up-todate knowledge of relevant standards, legislation and codes of practice.

Accidental can work together with you to assess your workplace needs and can include specific products for your industry. We organise with each individual workplace on the frequency of visits and can come as often as every month, quarterly or half yearly. Generally, if you are going to be using the harness occasionally, for recreation, travel, first aid or short recovery from injury or surgery, the Get-a-Grip Harness™ will meet all of your needs.
Also, if your dog has a very long or short torso, or a very thin belly compared to the chest, and you’ve had trouble getting a good fit with other products, the Pet Support Suit™ is the one for your dog.
Large size Grip Harnesses have four individual loop handles, and are designed to be used by two or more people.
Support Suits are usually ready to ship about three working days after we receive measurements. It is critically important that parents understand leaving children unattended in cars can be risky.
Panic also means that they are not going to sit calmly and it has been known for people to get up and go outside. I’ve had very positive feedback from my customers about this app and it has also won awards. St John’s Ambulance showed an advert (which has now been banned for using misleading figures) of someone choking at a barbecue.
If you’ve delivered abdominal thrusts and have been successful then they must have someone examine them to check for internal bruising, DO NOT let this put you off using force as their blocked airway is your priority.
It was designed to be shocking and it was, like so many of their adverts, but it doesn’t take long to learn what to do.

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